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  1. 1. Personality. when nicole just being nicole she look pure and not fake. Even when she got less screen time in variety cause she didn't talk or do anything to attract attentions but i like her that way. Also the way she usually support her friends, i love this kind of friend.

    2. She's a hardworker. I mean not everyone can be hardworking. Since I'm a lazy bum i really admire those who always work hard and stay positive despite all the hardship.

    3.Stage presence. When she's on stage nicole just overflow with charisma! On top of that she's an all rounder.

    4.I think she's smart

    5. Her smile. So pretty!

  2. Tasha. Haha joking, Nicole doesn't really suit her style but yeah absolutely agree on BoA style though. It suit her. Those kind of dances and songs matches her well. Anyhow I really hope she's not being too sexy on her comeback cause these day being too sexy is pretty much typical. Beside Cole has a lot more to offer other than being sexy alone  :)

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    I have a feeling she won't leave. Or that is just what I want to believe. 

    Ever since her announcement of departure and Jiyoung's maybe departure, I have been listening to "Love Is" for the past few days =( :moody:  :crybaby:  :depressed:


    That is so true! now I feel sad too every time I listened to 'Love is' with she's out of Kara :teary: I miss Cole n Jing  :teary:  :teary:  :teary:

  4. ohmy ohmy ohmyyyy finally Nicori is back! :gemhappy: yeah!

    Things must be harder for her since now she's alone :(  If she had a hard and difficult time she will be on her own, no more members that will share the same burden next to her. That's the things I feel bad about regarding her comeback.

    But that aside...I'm more excited than regretful!

    Nicole made her choice so I believe she is brave enough &  ready to face whatever things to come. Also we fans will always be there for her right?

    So let's see what's awaiting, there will be more Nicole hopefully mwahaha :hihi:(pls not the other way around  :unsure: )

    She's going to be aweesomee  :geminluv:

  5. I'm not really concerned about her voice hehe I know as a singer she had to sing well but then again, it is Voice. there's a certain limit to it. No matter how much she practices at a certain point that's it, nothing much can be done. though I believe things like breathing control etc could be improved which I'm pretty sure she must have been doing it too.

    So for me, it's good that she showed us things that she's more confidence with and things that she loves doing. who knows how bad she could be bashed and be compared with other singer if she posted on her vocal training. Please don't take my words wrongly. Her voice is fine to me, I like it, I love them. We already know how good she can sing when given the right song. Indeed she's already a good singer, she can sing well but I have to accept fact where there's many singers out there with better voice  :sweatdrop:

    Antis, fan turned antis, doubters, bystander, etc there's will be lots of people out there who would love to condemned her and tell her she shouldn't go solo, hence in a way that might inflict her :complacent: 

    So let's just enjoy what she showed us nehh, her improvement as a performer not just singer  :jogging:

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  6. I was really excited about that dance video & still am. It appear at the moment when I was in so much Cole deprived, thank goodness :gemadmire:  I'm so loving it, she makes it hot sexy and awesome in one   :geminluv:

    Awww we can see how much effort she had put in. Even Luamky herself said she's really hardworking which is always an admirable attitude of Nicole to me. The last song she dance, she nailed it! I like it the best. I wish she would dance more of this kind of choreo and that we can see more of it in the future. Also I really hope when she makes a comeback she will be stronger than ever & captures many heart. Nicole JJANG~! fighting :gemcheer:

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  7. I miss Nicole. And now that there's KARA project going on it really amplified those feeling I had for KARA5. It sadden me every time to watch KARA's MVs. I know this is pretty stupid but I just can't help it.  :teary:

    Well, now that we know there will be new members in KARA, I just hope Nicole will quickly make her comeback too. it's going to be hard for her to go solo but let's not stop supporting her <3 

  8. It's official now. Finally. I thought I'm going to be okay with this since the news break weeks ago but then when I heard it today I was so upset. I'm sure i won't cry when the official statement would be release cause deep down I just know they will let nicole go however I still cried gerrr. It still break my heart awww nicole...this is so sad. Of course i will support her regardless (obviously) and I kind of want her to leave DSP too but not kara. And I wonder when will she starts active again after this. Come back quickly nicole TT_TT

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  9. Glad that she had someone with her at this moment, she really needs it. well today  is Nicole birthday, and she's still just 22. I was thinking she's so young yet she already make those hard decisions in her life. Think of the time when this separation issue was not being brought up yet, she's even younger. that is how mature and cool she is. I mean, not showing her sadness, life tension, facing all those difficulties, and she still smile despite it all, supporting her friends earnestly and doing her best in all she does even I feel bad for her. Awesome isn't it? She's a strong girl. i really hope she can be successful regardless of whatever she choose and regret free. 

    Happy birthday Nicole you're the best!  :gemadmire:

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  10. I really wonder how DSP manages their artist. if it's not, than why do Nicole so persistent in leaving the company? Plus Even Jiyoung has not make her choice yet. Also take example from SS501. Anyway it's awesome for Nicole to clarify this issue and said what she thought which sounds against DSP to me hehe Nicole jjang  :gemnoway:  

    she must have a real hard time right now. esp whenever she's back to the company. Wow if it's me I don't even want to see my, how should I put this, enemy? heh 

    Nicole Fighting!  :teary:

  11. This is a really sticky situation. I want her to stay so bad but than again peoples esp non Kamilia will say Kara had made another media stunt like in 2011 (But big part of me hope she stays). then goes the part where she leaves. lots of crap will be heard as well, one that I hate the most was how she is not talented enough, she's not going to make it as a solo  :gemangry:  huh! I want her to prove them wrong! Nicole is talented. If she quits the entertainment world where else can I see her?  :gemcry: No Way!

    However as much as I wanted to see her again some part of me agree that if she choose to completely quit and venture to other non entertainment field it's actually is the best. she must have hurt and endure alot cause we don't know what happen behind the scene. even among Kamilia, not all likes her. she's might be blame for things that happen. So, whatever the path she choose is I hope she will have big success and be happy. Nicole JJANG :touched: