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  1. thank you for translating. and for our leader, i feel you i will always support Kara although i dont agree about this project. let's hoping the best for our Kara
  2. hope she will get well soon, so we can see her again ^^
  3. my first impression: nothing special.. maybe because there is jiyoung that caught my eyes earlier.. and now magically she is my bias..
  4. wuogh that banner!! wahaha your collection is awesome!!
  5. where is the 'all' option? haha i like her lips and perfectly-placed mole, it's so sexy
  6. one of her charms that make me fall is her voice.. i like it when she hit high note, it's unique and sexy
  7. wa this is a tough choice for me, cause whatever she looks it still very good.. but i really have to choose, i'll go with her looks at Lupin
  8. ah what a smile~ her smiles really cute, pure, and somehow refreshing
  9. wow they've come from England.. in my language, Hara is the vital nutrients for plants that contained in the soil
  10. woah she looks so amazingly beauty.. i like her outfit in the album's jacket, it's really fit her coolness
  11. masih aktif nih akun? :)

  12. Makasih udah diadd kk :o

  13. i want her to sing more, especially high notes part.. her sound sooo cute and unique
  14. honestly, i love all her rap, but if it comes to the best one i like rap in If You Wanna.. it has cute and cool feeling..