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  1. omg i miss youuuu.. how are you? are you still following jing? she changed a lot, and i think im kinda upset with her.... it would be so nice if we can talk bout her. i just.........fell so sad right now. im sorry, maybe because i used to talk with you in this forum.

  2. She should forever keep her hair like this..... I'm gonna strangle the stylists the next time they wanna cut Jing's hair short
  3. ^^ She's so cute, people keep saying she's mature for her age, but she's still a kid at heart
  4. Maybe I'm being bias but idc, omg Jiyoung so gorgeous ! And she had a nice amount of lines and screen times too... Crying over the beauty of her long hair XD
  5. If the rumour is true, that'll be good for her hehhe Maybe the producers saw the Fanmade Jiyoung Cop video? Lol, she looks like a spy there and in speed up lol
  6. She defintely can be the next Taylor swift / IU / Yui / Juniel , she has potential... She just need to work more on her breath control and her guitar skills XD by the way, she was also learning piano at the same time she learnt how to play guitar hopefully, down the road if she chooses to remain in the music industry, she can start to compose music....
  7. I'm guessing he had some disease which would eventually lead to his death. He decided to leave Jiyoung while he was still alive as he didnt want Jiyoung to go through the pain of watching him die. He would rather she retain a memory of him while he was still alive and well, rather than for her to have her last memory of him was him dying on a deathbed. keke, very drama like, but I liked it, especially her crying part, looked very natural...
  8. After Pandora and her solo, wanna do.... My fav. looks were "Jumping" and "Wanna do" I favour her long hair lol
  9. ^^ I love her voice, super sweet and soothing actually... She probably can also do some anime ost XD And as someone posted in another thread, Jiyoung's drama will finally air in Korea!!!! starting this thursday I think?
  10. ^^ I like both Jiyoung and Suzy, but I like Jiyoung slightly more in varieties XD For ep 37: She got alot of interactions with Beast and screen time , suprisingly abit more compared to the previous episodes, which is good news for us Jing fans... I liked that she's quite popular among the beast members, as in they find her approachable etc, probably cause maybe they are already quite close since they are in laws Lol... One thing I was disappointed was why Jiyoung didnt pick Dongwoon instead lol, yoseob's reason for picking Jiyoung was that she looked like she can answer quizzes, while Dongwoon's reason was "Our eyes met when riding the banana boat" much more sincere lol......... I'm shipping Dongwoon + Jiyoung alot after this episode, especially after Wooyoung said one of his friends who likes Jing would come on IY2, and after watching it with subs, seriously I think Dongwoon was the one Wooyoung was referring to. WOW / end essay
  11. welcome back dear^^

    it's been a long time.

    miss chatting with bout jing XD

  12. Helllllllllo , sorry for not coming in the forums for so long, had a lot of busy stuff plus problems popping up, and I didn't want to spend too much time on the forums, but I'm back, but just a while only......miss chatting with you!

  13. are u? kinda miss u...>.< ar u ok?

  14. long time no see...where do you go?? i miss no one spazzing in Jiyoung column..

  15. Update, Julien kang snaps a photo with Jing He added in his twitter: haha, he finds her cute, of course, Jing is ageyo queen of Kara haha Jing is close with most of her cast members, liking that she's making new friends P.S: OMG, he's so handsome