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  1. Jing is no.7 for idols who transforms their image each time they come up with a new concept. Other people in the list Jia - Miss A (1) Yunho - DBSK (2) Eunjung- T-ara (3) Junhyung - Beast (4) Hyoyeon- SNSD (5) Shindong - SUJU (6)
  2. Seeing Maknae grow up so fast makes me miss her younger days so I went searching for Rock you performances and came across this rehearsal video, she looks super young and cute here, and lol, she kept squinting her eyes cause the Sun was too hot... Enjoy!! P.S: I can't seem to embed LOL *smacks head
  3. She should forever keep her hair like this..... I'm gonna strangle the stylists the next time they wanna cut Jing's hair short
  4. ^^ She's so cute, people keep saying she's mature for her age, but she's still a kid at heart
  5. Maybe I'm being bias but idc, omg Jiyoung so gorgeous ! And she had a nice amount of lines and screen times too... Crying over the beauty of her long hair XD
  6. If the rumour is true, that'll be good for her hehhe Maybe the producers saw the Fanmade Jiyoung Cop video? Lol, she looks like a spy there and in speed up lol
  7. She defintely can be the next Taylor swift / IU / Yui / Juniel , she has potential... She just need to work more on her breath control and her guitar skills XD by the way, she was also learning piano at the same time she learnt how to play guitar hopefully, down the road if she chooses to remain in the music industry, she can start to compose music....
  8. I'm guessing he had some disease which would eventually lead to his death. He decided to leave Jiyoung while he was still alive as he didnt want Jiyoung to go through the pain of watching him die. He would rather she retain a memory of him while he was still alive and well, rather than for her to have her last memory of him was him dying on a deathbed. keke, very drama like, but I liked it, especially her crying part, looked very natural...
  9. After Pandora and her solo, wanna do.... My fav. looks were "Jumping" and "Wanna do" I favour her long hair lol
  10. ^^ I love her voice, super sweet and soothing actually... She probably can also do some anime ost XD And as someone posted in another thread, Jiyoung's drama will finally air in Korea!!!! starting this thursday I think?
  11. ^^ I like both Jiyoung and Suzy, but I like Jiyoung slightly more in varieties XD For ep 37: She got alot of interactions with Beast and screen time , suprisingly abit more compared to the previous episodes, which is good news for us Jing fans... I liked that she's quite popular among the beast members, as in they find her approachable etc, probably cause maybe they are already quite close since they are in laws Lol... One thing I was disappointed was why Jiyoung didnt pick Dongwoon instead lol, yoseob's reason for picking Jiyoung was that she looked like she can answer quizzes, while Dongwoon's reason was "Our eyes met when riding the banana boat" much more sincere lol......... I'm shipping Dongwoon + Jiyoung alot after this episode, especially after Wooyoung said one of his friends who likes Jing would come on IY2, and after watching it with subs, seriously I think Dongwoon was the one Wooyoung was referring to. WOW / end essay
  12. Helllllllllo , sorry for not coming in the forums for so long, had a lot of busy stuff plus problems popping up, and I didn't want to spend too much time on the forums, but I'm back, but just a while only......miss chatting with you!

  13. Update, Julien kang snaps a photo with Jing He added in his twitter: haha, he finds her cute, of course, Jing is ageyo queen of Kara haha Jing is close with most of her cast members, liking that she's making new friends P.S: OMG, he's so handsome
  14. Social

    Her teeth really are so small and cute, don't know why she thinks their her complex
  15. ^^ omo, the first pic, she wore the same mickey mouse head band in ep 3 of Iy2, makes me think if she really gets to keep clothes/accessories from filming lol .. and I really think she's playing a rich girl lol, no one dresses like that in university XD
  16. yup, they end shooting around 20 dec right? so Geonil and Her still have time to get close hehe.... and she looks so cute in all the drama filming pictures, she should just hire the stylists of the drama to help her in her Kara promotions also hahaha, Kara DSP stylists kinda sucks I think Karaholic is normally very slow moving and quiet, lol, but I'm sure she has gained more fans, I just saw a registered user saying he liked Kara since he saw Jing on IY2
  17. ^^^ Nice!! After the step comeback, she has been on the show weekly idol for top 2 best maknae, top 6 superior genes Top 3 for idols with ageyo top 6 for Idols with most transformation She also had the K star news 10 minute special " Rising to the top" posted above. and now this maknae special feature, impressive indeed, compared to last time when people usually will ignore her or not know who she is...., her popularity is exploding in both Japan and Korea, so I'll ignore the bad things the international fans say hahaha Btw, whats the video about? Something about power maknaes? all the other people in the same video are very famous, Jiyeon, Gain, Suzy, Seohyun
  18. Yup, not much interaction with geonil except for the video, I think they also not following each other on twitter , but Jing is following his grp member Sungje But he was so sweet to Jing ! I think all the guys on set looks after Jing very well Not so sure why minhyeok not there, maybe he wasn't needed for this particular scene hehe, by the way the girl beside Jing in red always play the "bad/villain" girl in the dramas I watch, lol , maybe she's also playing a bad role again. .?
  19. yup sure, not a problem , here it is and you're right Geonil was there , but now baek minhyeon isn't in the picture I think, the guy beside Geonil is HanZangSuk (lol thats his twitter account name, don't know his real one), Jing tweets him alot : clickie Baek Minhyeon twitter is Joneshiningstar Maybe Geonil plays the brother of Jing? Or someone closely related to the two person getting married, lol ... Idk, fun to guess what's the drama is about
  20. Some drama BTS of rainbow rose, Jing appears halfway through Saw Julien kang too and the other casts but no Geonil
  21. ^^ I enjoy reading your afterthoughts Keep them coming
  22. On ep 4, Jing was still cute~~ and she called the stingray cute LMAO, that thing is so ugly XD My favourite moment : Bora + Jing hugging Remember it ep 1, Jing said she was awkward with Bora cause she never filmed with her before, now look how they've progressed (Lol, Suzy don't be jealous that they're hugging hhehehe) Credit: Invincibleyouth on Tumblr Will give my afterthoughts after watching it with subs
  23. Jiyoung with her co-star posing for selcas heehee, too cute, resisting my urge to ship them, they seem pretty close judging from the body language in the pictures LMAO
  24. Drama filming, finally a front view haha Pretty All her clothes from what I've seen for the drama seem very expensive/fashionable looking....Maybe she's playing a rich girl??? LOL
  25. Spazz

    ^^ She was very elegant in the evening gown I think most of the time the girls will have to agree with the choice of the stylists unless the girls vehemently objects, which I don't see them doing, since the girls would be respectful of the stylists decisions. But yeah, the stylists does not really know how to complement her gorgeous figure at all. But she looks good here, but the stylists is probably the magazine stylist and not DSP