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  1. Thanks to those who participated.
  2. Hello everyone! Please help get Mamma Mia into the Top 5 Kpop songs on energyFM. ~ 1 vote on FB and 1 vote on Twitter everyday ~ voting is open from Monday to Friday, the show is on Sunday ~ international Kamilia can vote Thank you~
  3. Album

    For the more rock-inclined, someone made a rock remix. Found it on youtube.
  4. updated with caps detailing registration from http://onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com/
  5. TUTORIAL FOR M&TV Talk (VOTING FOR INKIGAYO) Download Application M&TV Talk (엠앤TV톡) on Google Play Store and/or App Store Register on the application (회원가입) Click on [ 인기가요 사전투표 ] (Vote for Inkigayo) Click on the yellow Vote [투표] button for KARA's Damaged Lady Click on the button Confirm [투표하기] Finished! ~ ~ ~ ~ PS: Remember to vote on MNet Countdown and MBC Show Champion too.
  6. According to a September 9 announcement by their agency, KARA’s fourth studio album, Full Bloom, ranked at the top of Korea’s HanTeo Chart for four consecutive days. The group’s fourth Japanese studio album Fantastic Girl, released on August 23, ranked number three on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart, even though the group did no promotional activity for it in Japan. An agency official explains, “Kara’s new albums ranked high on both Korean and Japanese charts at the same time. When they conducted a showcase of their new song 'Damaged Lady' broadcast online, 50,000 viewers watched simultaneously from 38 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.” The female stars performed on Mnet’s M-countdown on September 5 and will start promoting the new album. Source: TV Report Translation: Korea.com
  7. Try to make it very unique. example: KARA.TohJingHen.0329
  8. How to Register on Melon: http://absolutemblaq.wordpress.com/tutorials/how-to-register-on-melon-vote-for-mbc-music-show-champion-and-rate-album/ How to Register on Gaon: http://onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com/2013/07/important-tips-for-sbs-inkigayo-sns.html
  9. cr DSPmedia Six years after the group's debut, Kara shows there's still room for experimentation with new album "Full Bloom" and singles "Damaged Lady" and "Runaway." The suits Kara wear in the promo photos for new album "Full Bloom" and the music video for new single "Damaged Lady" highlight more than a sleek look. With their new record, the female K-pop singers -- who have been in the industry over six years -- illustrate that they have a style all their own. We last saw the quintet on the K-Pop Hot 100 last August with "Pandora." The sassy, top 3 single was remarkable as an explosion of '80s synths, though it was not unlike 2012 singles by INFINITE and Boyfriend. For their 2013 Korean comeback, Kara carves a sonic lane all their own, fusing those same synthesizers with an edgier rock feel: sections of zipping synths are lined up next to noisy electric guitar riffs, acting as background to the girls' cooing, belting and rapping. The music video showcases Nicole, Hara, Gyuri, Seungyeon and Jiyoung initially dressed in pretty pastel dresses as their dates check out other women. All at once, the girls leave their men and change into suit and tie-inspired get-ups, returning to tell the cheaters off and shove food in their faces. It's an appropriate visual for a track detailing an unexpectedly break-up and the accompanying frustration. Kara's rock-inspired sound will surely stand out among other acts incorporating trendy electro-pop or R&B productions. Six years into its career, Kara is proving to still have a few tricks up its sleeve. While Japan continues to be a focus for the quintet (Kara racked up two Japan Hot 100 No. 1s since "Pandora" promotions), coming back to Korea means delivering something special. Girls' Generation, who also celebrate six years this year, also showed their longevity by returning with the genre-jumping "I Got a Boy," both acts putting to rest any notion that an idol group comes with a quick expiration dates. Kara teased their new album, "Full Bloom," with pre-release single "Runaway." It sits at No. 6 on the K-Pop Hot 100. The soft rock track acts as an appropriate intro to the edgier "Damaged Lady," featuring a softer production and vocal approach. While the promoted efforts of "Full Bloom" showcase Kara's rock edge, the theme doesn't continue throughout the rest of the album. Not that it's an issue: "1+1" is a thumping bubblegum pop track while "Follow Me" is a zippy synth-pop track centered around a walking bass line. Album standout "Smoothie" is a sensual, R&B-pop track highlighted by the girls delivering a moan-like vocal approach on the chorus. While "In the Game" may jive best with the rock sounds of "Damaged Lady" and "Runaway" with lively guitar strumming, its most notable aspect lies in layering funky trumpets over the EDM production. Kara may find more success on the J-pop charts, but that doesn't mean they should neglect their K-pop home base. With "Full Bloom," the quintet shows there's still room for experimentation (and success!) in their native South Korea. Source: Billboard.com by Jeff Benjamin
  10. Returning to the Korean stage, Kara will be performing at both Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN and the 2013 Seoul Drama Awards. On September 5, Kara will be performing its new song, Damaged Lady on M COUNTDOWN. On the same day, the group will be performing a congratulatory stage at the 2013 Seoul Drama Awards, held at the National Theater, making two comeback stages in one day. As both events will be broadcast on television and streamed online globally, Kara will be having an ‘international’ comeback stage. M COUNTDOWN will broadcast the program to 13 countries, including USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more. Not only that, the Seoul Drama Awards will begin airing at 5:10 PM (KST) through MBC, Youtube, and Ustream, reaching out to 120 countries all at the same time. Therefore, Kara will be reaching out to K-Pop fans in 13 countries and hallyu drama fans in 120 countries, making its comeback stages that much more meaningful. With the news of a global comeback performance of a group representing Korea in hallyu, fans are already anticipating Kara’s first performances of Damaged Lady. Meanwhile, Kara released its fourth album Full Bloom on September 2. The title song, Damaged Lady ranked within the Top 10 in music charts, deeming it a successful comeback. Kara will officially begin promotions with the September 5 broadcast of M COUNTDOWN. Photo Credit: DSP Media News Source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong . . . Seoul Drama Awards UStream link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sda2013
  11. SEOUL, Sept. 2 (Yonhap) -- Popular K-pop girl group KARA released a new album Monday that features the group's attempt at new music, as well as a video showcasing members' unusually boyish stage costumes. The album titled "Full Bloom" was the first full-length album to be released by the group since 2011. Their fifth mini-album titled "Pandora" was released last August. The album was composed by Han Chae-ho, Kim Seung-soo and Lee Chang-hyeon, key members of the domestic group Sweetune. They had also composed the group's earlier hit songs, such as "Pretty Girl," "Honey" and "Mr." The latest album's title piece "Damaged Lady" brings to mind French pop with sounds of rock music. The song expresses a girl's queasy feelings toward parting with her boyfriend. The group said they very much tried to show their musical maturity in the new album, as its title indicates. "We wondered how it would be if we went more sexy, because Ji-young is now an adult. But eventually we came to challenge a mannish concept in our attempt to find something new," the band leader Park Gyu-ri said during a media showcase in Seoul of the group's fourth full-length album. She referred to the team's youngest member, Kang Ji-young who turned 19 this year. "We also made many efforts and practiced a lot since it was our first challenge in this genre of music. I enjoyed the process," Park said. The group said they put on black suits and neckties in the song's music video in order to better deliver the girl's feelings, which they have never tried on stage, The video was directed by Cho Soo-hyun, known for directing videos for Psy's two global hits "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman." Kara is to hold a fan meeting event at 7 p.m. which will be broadcast live through South Korea's Internet portal Naver. About 700 randomly selected fans will attend the event, the group's management agency said. sshim@yna.co.kr Source: Yonhap News
  12. This is how I feel. And I love that Hara said it. KARA's Japanese releases didn't stray much from the pre-Japan debut KARA (cute and innocent and fun). The singles are cute, of course, to appeal to the market more. They tried to see if Japan was ready for a sexier KARA with Speed Up, but Girls Power was more popular. But the other tracks in their Japanese albums provide other sounds that are Japanese yet distinctly KARA. There's a mature/sexy KARA in their Japanese songs too. Korean releases are more geared toward Korean music tastes. Their title tracks almost always have a rap part, as most KPOP songs are. If you listen to the other songs in their albums, they always try new music styles while still singing it with that KARA style. There's cute KARA in their Korean songs too. To say KARA in Japan is cute while KARA in Korea is sexy, is just looking at their title tracks and singles. And since I listen to songs depending on my mood, I don't mind whichever language they sing. But I'm interested to discover where KARA will go in music, as Jiyoung said that their tastes used to be a bit divided but now they agree more.
  13. i think we ought to lock this thread.
  14. Album

    ^ Things I think to consider: (1) UMJ contract most likely include a clause for releasing 1 full album per year. (2) KARA stated that they will perform the new songs on their tour, so they need it released before the start of the tour. (3) KARA's Japanese albums hardly ever have any massive promotion to worry about it being released closely to the Korean release (in terms of KARA's schedule). But... (4) Kamilia budget is limited: per member cover for TYSL, DVD releases, events where KARA is slated, KARASIA ticket purchase, Korean comeback (some JKamilia flies to Korea for this). And still: (5) Although the sales are not as high as before, UMJ is not in the red with KARA. They are profiting, to them it is not a loss even with the strategy they are employing.