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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. Style 1 - Break It Style 2 - If U Wanna Style 3 - Rock U Style 4 - U Go Girl Special Style 5 - Pretty Girl Style 6 - Pretty Girl Hanbok Special Style 7 - Wanna ??? Style 8 - Mister Style 9 - Lupin Style 10 - Jumping credited photobucket,aechak
  2. ah okay, im still undeclared as of now >___< yeah Happy Birthday Nicole to you too.

  3. Im from Virginia, are u going to community college or still in hs?

  4. haha yeah, still kinda new here lol

  5. Really?! Yeah I'm at VCU lol

  6. actually im not really sure. lol i was trying to prove to her that gyuri wasnt the girl in short hair. but u can probably tell by the nose, and by the way nicole dances
  7. ^ im pretty sure this is seungyeon, http://cfile28.uf.tistory.com/image/166D180F4B751F6E7C7196 credited to kara T --- I was totally surprise to see seung yeon's hair. i cant wait to see her hair or wig. I wish there was a better view of seungyeon
  8. @ ArtemisRider and cheereos, i love that hairstyle too. i would upload it as one of the choices but it kinda similar to style number 4, maybe ill just update the picture up a bit
  9. ^ Gyuri? to me it seems like nicole and seungyeon doesnt get along as they use to be(KARA4 days) SY unnie personalit is just like mine, im bubbly when im with me friends but when im along im a calm and conservate person.
  10. i cant use a stupid method to "convert" kara fans to rainbow

  11. hi... um i just want to say i agree with the post u just make in the DSP need to change thread.

  12. Seems to me like Girlgroup really like TaecYeon lol SeungYeon seems like she have crush on him too. Hara u better watch out. lol jk lol just realize that all the guys are from JYP 2pm is so popular among the girlgroup
  13. Seems to me like Kara really like TaecYeon lol SeungYeon seems like she have crush on him too. Hara u better watch. lol jk TaecYeon is so popular among the girlgroup
  14. Ing (I am) and Two of Us
  15. is it me or does ji young partner seems familiar? Like he was on Kara Meta Friends
  16. I feel the same ways, everytime reading the article about how rude seung yeon, i kinda felt a bet depressed. seung yeon will always be my favorite number. i think most people are seeing article and quickly to believe that it the truth about a person.
  17. i love her voices when she sang Gil(Path) by G.O.D. and love her part in I Am(Ing) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZHEPC4GogM
  18. i been a fan since Break it/If U Wanna. Seung Yeon was my favorite member and still is now ^W^
  19. Im older than Jing and Younger than Nicole, and Hara. 17 ^W^
  20. i think the hidden camera was a bit harsh, if others would watch the video and learn the truth about seung yeon, not bias story of *cough allkpop cough* There was one thing the threw me off was that nicole wasnt even attempting to comfort seung yeon.
  21. nope, i do think sung yuri and seung yeon are similar
  22. I know I'm a Kamilia when.... 1. brought the album(which was my first album ever) 2. ask a korean friend how to signed up as kamilia 3. search about them everyday 4. watching every performances 5. started to talk about kara everytime we talked about girlgroup 6. defending against anti
  23. i think it would be Seung Yeon voice, b/c she balances out kara vocal. Gyuri and Nicole voices are high while Ji Young and Hara are low
  24. WOAH OMG, im totally blow away, Ji Young look different, probably b/c of the photoshop. Gyuri and Hara look really good in this concept, I love Seung Yeon serious face. I love Nicole's new hairstyle. cant wait until july 31!!!