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  1. She looks really hot and sexy in Mister! If people saw that music video first before getting to know her, they'd be really surprised as she's still like a child in real life. Jiyoung hwaitiiing
  2. Hahaha! She's really cute! I also saw Gyuri when she was a kid, and now this. I really wonder how these cute kids turn into beautiful ladies!
  3. Generally, I don't like girls showing their bangs. I'm not sure why, maybe it just doesn't fit my taste. So including Jiyoung, I like her better without bangs than with bangs.
  4. I chose Daesung just because I don't know who the other 2 guys are And I think Jiyoung really likes Daesung because of the text scandal. When she appeared in Family Outing, she really looks so cute like she was embarrassed because of the incident. Added to that, Daesung is a really funny guy which I think will make Jiyoung really happy, and I think that's one of the reasons that Jiyoung likes her. The only negative thing is, I think Daesung doesn't like girls that are so young that's why he only wants to be friends with her. Anyhow, I hope our maknae will not focus on these kind of stuff first
  5. It's too bad that the video clip was already removed from YouTube. Anyway, I think I can imagine how she was bullied by her unnies since that's pretty common among idol groups. Oh, I feel sorry for the idol maknaes, especially Jiyoung
  6. Hahaha! The first girl idol that I like with her beautiful eye smile is Tiffany from SNSD. But maknae Jiyoung can really do it so cutely! She's now the second person that I like because of her eye smile
  7. Wow! I hope the Strong Heart subbing team can find time to continue their precious work. I think I have the English hardsubbed videos of episodes 1 to 21. I've not watched it yet but I hope this episode is one of them. In the first place, no one would want to study anyways if it wasn't for the fact that we need it so that we can have stable jobs. I hope she can find peace in her school and her schoolmates so she'll feel like a normal student.
  8. I guess this is only natural as she's the maknae of the group. Added to that, I think she's one of the youngest, if not the youngest, girl idols that got known after debuting. The first time I saw her, I didn't know that she was that young because her age doesn't much fit her physical appearance. Then I saw how young she was, that's when I understood why she's showing some of the best aegyo skills I've ever seen.
  9. I guess there's no point in comparing as these two beautiful girl idols have their own unique charms. Haha! The eldest in SNSD and the maknae of Kara. Taeyeon is really cute because even if she's the eldest and the leader, we can't avoid the fact that she still possesses cute physical features. I love how she acts as the eldest in SNSD but judging by her looks only, she still looks so young! On the other hand, our lovely maknae is cute just the way she is. Her aegyo skills and mouth habits that I really love really matches her being the maknae
  10. She looks so pretty even before they debuted! Honestly, I love that she's the maknae but I don't like the fact that she's too young. As in really super young. Anyway, I still like her so much
  11. AEGYOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think it was in this radio station too, I saw Jiyoung dancing 2PM's Heartbeat. She was with the Gyuri at that time and I think she can really imitate some of the famous dances well.
  12. Hahaha! I can't even understand the picture The gif image was going too fast that I can't even see what was happening! Anyhow, I don't believe in ghosts anyway
  13. Honestly speaking, I don't really know Sunghee. I mean, I know that she's a former member of Kara. But why did she quit? And when did she quit? Can anyone tell me? Coz when I've heard of Kara, Sunghee was not part of the group already.
  14. Yeah! I saw her in a video clip, I forgot what show was that. They were running towards pillows and whoever sits on it first remains. She really was crazy the whole time and so fast! Eventually she won but got really dizzy from all the beatings she gave and took since they were basically fighting for the pillows
  15. I first saw her at an episode of Family Outing. I think it was the 2nd to the last episode. She was a guest and was with Tiffany. The family departed and she was left with Jongkook and Jongshin. I really think she's so cute because she's showing innocence throughout the show. I don't know if she's doing it on purpose but I really find it so cute. Most of that portion, Jongkook and Jongshin were like wondering what Nicole was talking about because it's as if she's talking like a child. Then Daesung arrives and she started joking about Jiyoung to him. I find her humor so cute as well. I love Nicole