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  1. We should just all mob from the Bay Area to LA since I'll be going from San Jose.
  2. I didn't get them. My friend did. Now I gotta find a way to get to LAX to greet them.
  3. As long as I get to see Kara, that's all that matters.
  4. Nah, I got Floor A but in the front of that area. Hey, at least I'll be there. That ticket will be justified if I see Kara at LAX
  5. I got my tickets but am sitting far away. Far far away
  6. Cheap seats are sold out. Looks like we'll have pay more to move up
  7. I believe from my sources that they could touch down to LAX that day but don't quote me on it. I'm going according to the MBC concert
  8. Of course we're going to see them at LAX. It's the only chance to be near them up close unless you're getting the VVIP tickets
  9. DVD

    I bought it on iTunes since it had more songs included
  10. As long as I get to see them at the airport, I'd be okay with the A area seating. That's as close as I'm gonna be.
  11. I hope we can all meet up at LAX. I want to give a belated birthday present to Seungyeon and present a "I <3 U Seungyeon" sign and a "Welcome Home Nicole" sign
  12. I am so willing to greet Kara at the airport! If anyone has any updates to when they'll touch down in LA, please let me know so we can all meet up and show support to Kara. =D
  13. Yeah, it's going to depend what tickets I can afford and where I'd be situated. I'll represent for Kara and the Kamilias no matter where I'm at whether it's towards the front or if I'm in the nosebleeds.
  14. I have space for 2 people as of now since the car has space for 5 and I already have 3 passengers including myself. You must be from the Bay Area (preferably San Jose) to qualify since I don't think I'd be down to drive to random spots to pick you up (sorry). I'm only going to be there for a day so for those who don't have the funds to stay in LA, I can take you back after the concert too if you help chip in for gas to/from the spot. I'm also hitting up Koreatown to get my Kara fix like merchandise if you'd be down too. I'm also going to greet them at LAX as well since I would like to give Seungyeon a belated birthday present.
  15. They are most likely to leave the next morning at LAX. It's TBD where they are staying. I'm not too familiar with what hotels celebrities stay in LA since I'm not from the area.
  16. I'd love to get a pearl peach balloon so I can represent for the Kamilias at the show along with my Kara shirt from the MBC Google show. I'm just going to get my tickets on Wednesday. I think it's okay if we all don't sit together. Let's divide and conquer. Kara fighting!
  17. Are you also down for just a one day journey or do you just want to be in LA longer? Based on the last time they were in America, they arrived on the same day of the performances. They would be coming from Seoul to LA
  18. I'd like to myself, but I am taking the day off work and am using a lot of my $ on this concert. If it weren't for Kara, I probably wouldn't attend.
  19. My plan is to leave Thursday night, arrive in the morning, and greet them at LAX (airport). After that, Koreatown to visit the stores that sell Kara merchandise (not many stores in the Bay Area carry K-Pop merch), concert of course, and come back home since I have other endeavors the next day. It'll be a one day, all out affair.
  20. Where in the Bay Area are you guys located? I live in San Jose. I already have secured 2 passengers in my car. I do hope y'all chip in for gas too since gas is pricey. I'm also going to hit up Koreatown to get my Kara fix in merchandise as well if y'all are down.
  21. If any of you Kamilias from the Bay Area need rides, I'm down to carpool since I'll be going too. I'd like to meet some of you fellow Kamilias. I'd also be down to see them at LAX as well. I'm so excited to see them and have waited since the MBC Google show to see them again.
  22. FAQ

    I just created a KPop + entertainment website. I have promoted the Karaholic site variously on some of my podcasts. I was wondering if I'm allowed to use a banner.