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  1. Merry Christmas~♥

  2. Ouch, and having a scar on the knee is one of the worst thing that could happen to a girl, hope she's fine alre.
  3. She looks just like any other normal student, except that she's prettier and stands out cause she's Hara Hope she still studies well despite all the attention around her, hard not to notice her though Wow she looks so pretty in the uniform, and i guess it's hard to study with all the attention around her
  4. Hara's so cute and pretty in these selcas, almost like a photoshoot itself haha
  5. If it doesn't take skills to get into Kara then anyone could have done it alre - -'. The fact that she's in Kara means she's talented and skillful, simple as that.
  6. Gyuri is unique, she can be funny while being true to herself, which not everyone can do it seriously
  7. She's really a goddess to look like that after waking up in the morning, who else can look like that?!
  8. She's definitely a natural beauty, who else can look so pretty without make up?!
  9. This is fate for the 5 of them to be together, can't imagine them even missing one person, or any other person substituting in =/
  10. Style 3 looks best and she's the prettiest with her hair down naturally, like in Nicole goes to College
  11. She's the definition of healthy since she works out as much as she eats, idk how she finds the time to do it, determination max!
  12. She's Kara's cook for a reason haha, whenever i see food i think of Nicole now.
  13. The set looked amazing, as well as the MV, glad DSP is investing so much on the girls
  14. She looks cute when not trying, and if she tries no one can resist her at all!
  15. Maknae ftw! Cute, pretty, beautiful all at the same time, if she does ageyo everyone will faint from cuteness