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  1. I love reading little nostalgic anecdotes. Happy 4th birthday Karaholic! Hopefully many (infinitely) more to come!
  2. I read somewhere that it was for a karaoke version (not sure if it's the very first GGS karaoke version or a new one). I'm not DEFINITE it's a karaoke version though, but the subtitles down the bottom and the way they're being filled make it look like a karaoke version.
  3. Oooo. Gyuri's on Facebook in a picture five posts up.
  4. I hope our Goddess cheers up soon... She's had too much on her shoulders, especially now that kkingkkangie has passed away. I was so shocked when I read that "gone" in the earlier translations of her tweets meant "passed away"
  5. Tweet Concerts! Singing for us through her tweets while her lovely voice is recuperating...
  6. Yup; this week is the last episode (on the 19th). (Confirmed by baidu KARA forum)
  7. Apparently these were presented on 27th January 2012 in Roppongi, so I guess KARA couldn't have gone. (Source: generasia) Congratulations to the girls! 2012 is definitely our year!
  8. [c]WithKARAThailand Hooray! GyulHam! Love how Hammie reacts to our goddess's call!
  9. Source: boyfriendworld I'm not sure how reliable that is though...
  10. For less subjective ways to recognise their voices, I think: Gyuri's is slightly nasal (which makes it all cute and sweet ) Hara's is "airy" Nicole's has got some sort of accent on it But yeah, since Gyuri, Seungyeon and Nicole are the main vocals, they sing a large part of each of their songs.
  11. Hmmm, let's update the album artwork in the first post with HQ ones! Version A Version B (it's a scan, but still better than the one we have on the first post ) Version C And for even higher quality! Version A (4000x4000) Version C (1600x1600)
  12. I couldn't have told this was Gyuri if it wasn't posted on the gyurism tumblr. [c] gyurism tumblr
  13. These are absolutely adorable!! From her surprise visit to SSTP: [c] SSTP Twitter I wanna be the teddy bear...