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  1. The clip from youtube she sounds and acts good. wow! she deliver that line perfectly with full of anger. but i can't picture our Hara being mad, she's just so adorable. hehehe
  2. WOW! nice observation you got there. hahaha i didn't notice that habit of her, and because of that i will watch IY AGAIN to check on that. hahahaha
  3. TOTALLY CUTE!!! The pic with a watermark of keywui.com is kinda similar to Shin Min Ah of My Girlfriend is A Gumiho. hehe just saying. they are look alike in that pose and the hair.
  4. hehehe. it's kinda weird. she does look different but still pretty. don't get me wrong. maybe i was just used to Hara with a full make-up on. but nevertheless with or with-out make-up she's still pretty.
  5. DAMN! i thought i was the only one doing that. I also been watching Hara's hair flip in every Lupin live perfs. Then i tend to compare everything and decide which is the most striking to me. hahahaha!
  6. lol in IY she made a lot of these kind of acts and its very funny. hahaha!! i saw everything she did in IY. i can say that she's kinda pro in this kind of matter. but don't mis interpret her, she's just doing it to be funny. ))
  7. The ending of this show made me cry only because of Our Hara. Hara is overflowing with tears and almost could not breath normally because of crying. The way she cried is like a little girl. it was so sad that i can't help myself but cry with her. She love IY so much. i wish in season 2 she would be a guest or if ever would be permanent again.
  8. i gotta agree that she really can run fast. fast like an almost athlete does. hehe maybe because of her flexible body because of dancing and her skinny light figure also. anyway, i saw how she fall on that race it's pretty bad but she still acts ok. thumbs up to hara gu.
  9. even though these jokes were corny i still laugh because of the reactions of the people and the expressions that hara is making. this jokes made a big hit specially in SEOUL. lol Hara is a genius too.
  10. both of them gave a good image on that outfit. it is only different on the role that they are portraying. I Like it both. don't make such big fuss about it.
  11. I have to say BOTH! hahaha i can't decide they both look good on her. whatever kind of shirt that is, loose, fitted torn, even burned it will still look good on her. lol
  12. WOW! I'm a proud fan for her. she's so great. not to mention pretty and funny too. Oh and fast. hahaha ) Good job Hara Gu.
  13. lol i saw this episode. this is when they are making some bread i think made from corn flour. i really can't remember what kind of bread is that. they even made a wasabi one for Taewoo. hehe. when her pants burned she's still stay calm and instead of panicking she made herself funny hehe and told the staff and others that she's ok and nothing happened to her. but as i saw the pic from her knee i think she just say that shes ok to not worry about her. i salute her. ) saranghae hara gu
  14. lol i'm a fanboy and i'm kinda not shy about it though i never start the conversation about it but whenever someone asks me i will say yes I <3 HARA and also the other members. )
  15. Step is so addicting to listen to. also the dance is so sexy that they made it even more sexier specially when hara do it. her slim body is perfect for that step.