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  1. Personally, I don't mind. If KARA2 (JingCole) have no intention &/or future plan to re-join KARA again, then if KARA3 will decide & agree on adding new members, as a Kamilia I think we SHOULD respect & support their (Gyuri, Seungyeon & Hara) decision. It may sound a little uncomfortable at first, but with time, everything can be ok. So, let's hope for the best.
  2. ^ Yes, right! Since they started doing self activities they started parting away from each others till that recent break-up. Sometimes I feel it's boring to see individual stuff. :/ So, shall we root harder & louder for group activities again?
  3. Han Seungyeon said: “... I’m trying harder than ever. Since many people understand those concerns, I’ve put my heart and soul into everything (including the kisses). I hope people view my acting positively.”
  4. Hong, HANDS OFF!! & YO, you made Hammie cry. Inom... kaaammy!! Revenge-time. Hammie army... gonggyeogkara!!
  5. So this actor will play with our Han Seungyeona!?!
  6. About Seungyeona's new melodrama titled "Girl Manga Shoes" (or might mean "Her Lovely Heels") If it is 10minutes each episode then maybe (I think) it may be an entertainment-show something similar to SBS SNS, with a funny story. (Cause I don't think it will be something serious as stated above).
  7. Ah! You mean the cards color? Yes I know! I noticed that. Seungyeona is no longer Edge-Black. She is now Pure-White.
  8. Thank you for sharing & it's a big quality video. Thanks for this also!
  9. Probably, Nobody. Meanwhile, you can watch "Secret Love" drama on TV, it's still airing. & Jing-jing co-star is playing too.
  10. I'm not sure, but maybe on tuesday, since last month (Octopus) They did the recording on the first day of the month, then the 08th, next the 15th, then the 22nd, & then the 29th. All the same month. About November, I don't remember as I'm still missing one or two episodes. So, if the calculations are right, then this episode you linked to is supposed to be the 8th one (If I'm not wrong). Anyway, thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice set of Hammieasia. But who told ya, suggested ya or just tried to force ya to edit Gyuri out?
  12. WOW!! You're lucky. I hope you recorded something!?!