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    HANI's room :))
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    i love suju and kara . jiyoung and yesung are my lover :)

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  1. Hello "Nobody till you" is now updated. Thanks for reading =)

  2. tai ah~ please update fic THE CHANGE, i can't wait any more

  3. Hey Im also a Jing's fan! I hope we can get along! :D

  4. I love KARA too and the couple HANI. I'm trying to write a Hani fic but I can't update on this site. :(

  5. hi guy, i'm a jing's fan.I love kara so much especialy jing and couple i like are HANI (i like they so much)and i also like SUJU (SUPER JUNIOR) TOO :D

  6. awwww!!!!!my giant baby so cute white skin + red lips = snow white lovely maknae jing jing daebak!!!! saranghae