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  1. ahahaa. she was really shock.. but her expression is very unique and cute. hgaha want to see those var show...
  2. i am one year older than her..hahah2x she should call me oppa nicole.. very mature and charming in her age
  3. waw.. nicole.. she is so pretty for all fashion styles but i prefer her with girly style...
  4. finally... after five years of their journey... so touching.... cant wait to see their concert.
  5. hahaha.. she is so cute.. can't hide her laugh... funny mistakes... thanks to hara for the save.. haha
  6. waw.. congratulation for kara... good job... hope they will be more successful in this year... kara fighting,,,
  7. waw// she looks very cute in tnat pic.. she is so adorable... i really like her... cant wait to see her comeback in 2012 with kara.. nicole fighting XD
  8. waw.. i havent seen that before... cant wait to see nicole in that show.. thanks for your information... yes.. i agree with you.. i have seen her in many var show , like heroes.. she didnt wear makeup.. and she is so natural and still pretty
  9. hahaa.. so cool.. she is very care to kamilia.... it's something unusual for idol's mom to do that.. hehehe nicole jjang your mother is very cool i like her messages
  10. ahaha she is very cute when sticking out her tongue funny and cute habits
  11. i think i am very happy when seeing heroes because of her acts so charming and gorgeous.. our nicolE
  12. i choose both !! please dsp make the new album for kara give nicole more parts in that songs
  13. nicole... omg she really has muscles.... she is like bodyguard for kara.. hehe like her very much
  14. yeah i agree.. she did it in heroes too.. i think she is still cute with the messy hair. fighting nicole
  15. morning look!! i have seen her many times in heroes with her morning look face. she is so cute T_T