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  1. happy birthday~~~ :D

  2. SUNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW U ONLINE!!!! ^_^

  3. sunnie!!!!! happy bday girl :D

  4. Album

    i think the japan sales and lupin wins moved our focus a bit away. remember "Wanna" promotions? Kara was up against some major competition and because of some clashes and a little bad luck with marketing, they only won 1 Mutizen with Wanna. Mister didn't even win anything, but the result of the promotions was explosive and really brought Kara to another level. i hv to admit, i am a little worried with so many new groups coming out... at first, i was a little upset because I was thinking, well, where's Kamilia? shouldn't the kamilias who bought the lupin album also buy this? but then I remembered, Kara released so many different merchandise that have sold amazingly well, it's only understandable that kamilias have to prioritize and save up! (i definitely had to choose between the different versions and albums...) my only wish though is that, if it does no take too much out of our girl's health, that they can perform another song like they did with Revolution. I think Burn is doing well, so either do the whole performance of that or Love Is or any other song.
  5. Album

    i'm late with spazzing again, but ANOTHER AWESOME INKI COMEBACK! you can tell they are just so happy to be back and the fans. their vocals have gotten even more amazing in Burn and Nicole's pitch is more steady hitting the high notes in Jumping. It happened in Japan too, but she got it soon enough. i'm not korean, but watching this, there's really a feeling of, it's good to be home. nothing warms my heart like hearing Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara, Kang Jiyoung, KARA JJANG! ooh DSP is really doing well with the geometric patterns, I'm kind of getting excited about what's next? I am SO SO SO in love with Burn and I hope they'll perform it on two more comeback stages and get to promote it too since I love the energy, the image AND our girls get to wear sneakers, be comfy and NO INJURIES *coughcough*
  6. Album

    When I was watching Burn, it really reminded me of this performance with the red stripes and how their backup dancers are dressed. I really love Kara now as much if not more than Kara4, so I don't mean anything negative by this and just wanted to share it.
  7. Album

    the comeback was so awesome!!!!! i may have to change my name from lalalalahey to nanananagetyohandsup! JUMPING is AWESOME!!!! BURN is DAEBAKKKK!!! So charismatic! For a while, I was thinking, well, even if they don't get any awards, it's okay, Kamilia will still support them, but seeing their performances, it would be a shame if Kara does not get an encore stage and to perform it again again! I'll buy another copy in support!!! DSP, please also promote BURN, it's too great a performance to not be performed over and over again. The "Get ya get ya get ya" part is too catchy and endearing! I hope and really do believe the actual comeback will help boost sales in the mini album! Btw, I think the stylists did great with giving us different styles in both stages! Nicole's bangs and Ham's wig. I thought Ham was Cole at the beginning of Jumping before we could see their faces!
  8. Album

    it's seungyeon and jiyoung? i thought it was nicole's voice during seungyeon's rap. sometimes, i can't tell the difference between the two... YES BURRRRNNN! excited, though this means it won't be the second promotional song if they do a repackage thing, but who knows, it might take off like Mister did.
  9. oh, i actually thought the second chorus "nothing better only you..." was always sung by Nicole. they switch up the parts of like in Mister. I think we don't see Nicole singing the second chorus because they shorten the performances and jumped from the first chorus to Hara's part, right? Did I misunderstand something?
  10. i don't really know where to ask this question, but since I monitor this thread the most, decided to ask it here and then maybe start a new thread somewhere else later? Does anyone know what the Dream Concert in January 2011 is held? I thought Dream Concerts were usually end of the year or like in the Fall and even with some Summer Specials. The vid mostly shows the history of Dream Concert form 07'-09', but there's a preview for 2011 at 1:23 with Kara amongst the list of performers.
  11. agree about Nicole fixing the problem after her first performance with hitting the high note. that part is really tough (yes, i tried it ) to roll your body while hitting the high note "Gageru" because all three tones need a heavy expulsion of breath. The second verse "Momosu" is easier because "momo" doesn't need as much effort. So, when u listen to Nicole, she doesn't really say "ga" and hit "geru". haha i think i'm talking too much... oh, but i miss her dance turn in the chorus part, we get like a millisecond less of face time, but it looks so good.
  12. Social

    Preshi619 (Ms.Shirley) tweeted JJ. I can't read Korean...but Google translator said something like "She's back". Ms.Shirley seems to know JJ pretty well and it's possible that they know there are anti-fans, so they're tweeting other ppl for news? @mjjeje 맘두 따뜻해져서 돌아오삼!^^
  13. Social

    Look at this, Nicole is such a sweeheart! She responded to a friend request to wish her a happy birthday! @Moon_Minhee happy early birthday ^^ best wishes !!! about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry
  14. our baby is all grown up! her new hair is really starting to grow on me. she looks so edgy. i think her stylists just need to be careful about not adding that extra fringe on the side that makes things look weird. btw, about that picture, some watch company like Swatch should see this and have Kara endorse watches. That's right girlfriend, Nicole is showing you how you can wear 10 watches on each arm and even around your fingers and look amazing. i cannot get over how good she looks in orange and yellow and not look like a sunkist orange >_<!