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  1. I just went through this and the miracle story today and I couldn't help but shed a tear at how much they've been through. I'm just happy they're still together after all this and they're still performing.
  2. Such a hard choice on which one to get... Think I might get B hahas. Who can resist that photobook of KARA?
  3. After years of never understanding nor even knowing how to get to the oricon charts, this helps a ton. Thanks for sharing
  4. Sexiest? Nicole of course! Cutest? Had a hard choice between Seungyeon and Jiyoung but in the end my bias wins out. Plus who can resist that adorable hamster Prettiest? Hara definitely.
  5. I'm just wondering but does anyone know if Orion will be promoted/sung live at all? It's such a good song and it should've been their title song but they always seem to get dance songs instead.
  6. While I like their sexy image more, I think the cute image fits them better. But I stlil voted for both because you can never have too much of either.
  7. Voted for Lupin since it's the song that got me into KARA. Plus it's smexy
  8. Voted for Step! Loving Pandora at the moment but Step will always be my favourite song from KARA.
  9. Well that was unexpected. Agreed though that it's a perfect way for our girls to end 2011. KARA Fighting!
  10. I'm proud of our girls. But this was to be expected with all the efforts they put in this year. Let's hope they dominate even more next year!
  11. I picked the rock u hairstyle but Seungyeon looks good in all of them so it was hard to choose. Would've picked step but that waan't in the poll.
  12. I agree, all 5 of them being there would have been a lot better. I don't think there has been a remake for Lupin in Japanese yet, has there? Surprising they danced to that. Mister is no surprise though. Don't think that song will ever get old. The fans sure love the dance. =P
  13. Not sure if anyone's posted this one yet but this has gotta be my favourite of her. She looks really pretty here, don't you agree? =]
  14. Was watching Lupin the first time I saw Kara and liked Jiyoung with long hair. Now it's Nicole with Seungyeon a close second.
  15. Too good to be true hahas. I can't imagine all of SNSD doing the butt dance though. Kara on the other hand would be so cute dancing Gee. Soooo wanna see that! x)