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  1. Hope this gets swept under the rug, wow k-netizens have no life.
  2. Then you have other groups with many members in it. That would be hard to like each member. Grateful I came across KARA and I love & respect each member. Seungyeon's my love over all ^^
  3. A wild Goosain Bolt appears, yay! I can't wait to see our girls in this program finally.
  4. I was surprised by the Seungyeon army. But I think outside of japanese kamilia, other members have higher popularity then Seungyeon.
  5. Wow very interesting, I should keep up with the Oricon with this information thank you.
  6. It would be awesome if sunghee did a collabo with present KARA. Watching KARA self cam made me interested into Sunghee, hope everything is well with her and her family.
  7. Nice interview, rather KARA explore the States than Europe but I digress..