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  1. YAY!! KSJRls;djtsdt i'm soo happy haha. i was so scared that after the mini album activities, they would disappear for a long time again :/ but yay! i'm sooo excited for the new album
  2. Here's another hairstyle Side-swept bangs with side braid
  3. Of course Seungyeon looks like a hamster But what about the other girls? I definitely see JiYoung as a puppy. She really looks like one. Totally not sure about the other girls, what do you guys think?
  4. ^ Haha yeah, I understand how that is a compliment Kara's image is why I like them so much too. The girls are hilarious, especially when they speak pevertedly haha
  5. Well 2007 was definitely the year of the girl group debuts, so naturally I heard of all 5 groups that debuted that year. But I was instantly attracted to KARA And I became a fan ever since they debuted.
  6. Sad as it sounds, I'm not sure D: They could probably in Japan... but I wouldn't want them to. I'm tired of Korean music companies always sending their bands over to Japan so they can become more popular. It's okay to do activities in Japan, but stay over there for years at a time?
  7. I think of JiYoung as the vitamin/moodmaker. She's always cheerful and smiling and making the other members laugh with her Big Bang obsession
  8. haha yeah she's definitely the sexy one it's weird since she was the youngest/is one of the youngest i loved her u-go-girl performance to death on that one show
  9. I didn't like it it at first because it didn't feel like KARA, just a new group. And Rock U seemed all over the place and messy when I first heard it, but after I got used to the song and the new members, I fell in love again
  10. I see Gyuri going well with Yunho from DBSK because they're both leaders haha. and Jiyoung with Daesung of course. I see Hara going with someone like Heechul or JaeJoong because they're very frank. Seungyeon with Shindong And Nicole with HyunJoong from SS501, they just seem like they would have a lot of fun together
  11. She's just living her life like a normal girl. She posts pictures all the time of her and her friends on cyworld, but I bet she's studying really hard for the exam. If she decides not to be a singer again, she should be a photographer, I love her pictures <3
  12. I think KARA, SNSD, and the Wonder Girls are all great groups. I wish there wouldn't be any competition between them, but of course there is :/ But with competition, I'm always seeing people saying rude things like "Wonder girls are prettier," "SNSD can singer better," on KARA videos, blogs, threads, etc. I personally think all three groups are on the same singing level and they're all equally as pretty. I love KARA's bubbly image, it's really fresh and unique. It's different from SNSD's and Wonder Girls' images.