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  1. Jiyoung's Rainbow Rose theme was used in the latest episode of The Return of Superman. What a pleasant surprise Starts at 6:50
  2. My schedule this semester is not that hard, but here I am accepting my fate :disappointed:


  3. Separated by different timezones, but she still posted this pic on my bday!
  4. Hey there new Jiyoung fan! Glad to see you've joined us I really want to see Kataomoi Spiral too! There was this photo of her in drag showing off her profile and omg she looked gorgeous <3 I'll see if I can find that pic. I guess I'll have to check her Doctor X episode after Finals T.T
  5. Happy (not really lol) Election Day! For my fellow Americans on this site, vote responsibly! 

    As for me, I'm signing off today! I am giving up the internet until December-ish because school. Making my short term sacrifices now, so I don't have to suffer in the long term. 

    If you see my Last Visited date that is after 11/8 or 11/9 (depending on your timezone), ban me until December if you have to. I am so so serious. :scared:

    Wish me luck!

    1. yummiberries


      Is it too late to have a prayer circle for America? Can't even concentrate on my work right now.

  6. Here's the picture! Too bad other pictures on the forum can't be ever recovered =(
  7. It took me like four hours to do my intro and conclusion paragraphs of my research paper. I'm so hopeless :cry:

    1. B.KS


      You can do it! 

    2. yummiberries


      Thanks! I'll try to manage.

  8. Spazz

    She's always looking so regal and classy. Can't wait for the movie to come out!
  9. I'm officially swamped. College work is finally catching up to me. So much work. So much work. So much work. 

    And omg. You can attach files to your status now? Awesome update! Let me test it out with a delightfully awesome pic.

    ACtual movie poster.jpg

    1. yummiberries


      Or has that always been a thing. I don't even remember anymore. I'm sooo tired.

  10. hey you are the only other person online now!

  11. Still waiting for GyuCole to join the reunion!
  12. Spazz

    If she has been going to musicals lately, do y'all think she's going to go to Jiyoung's musical? *crosses fingers*
  13. It's like the end of September now. Please hurry up and come back Nicole!
  14. Sounds like you had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing =)