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  1. lol nicole with dinosaur jiyeon. it looks like jiyeon just finished showering. wonder what nicole looks like if she just finished showering too(not in the perverted way!)
  2. lol at the pic of nicole try to eat her hair. yea it's really cute when she sticks out her tongue. especially in star golden bell
  3. i like the nicole jinwoon couple, mainly because i know about it more from the hahamongshow. i love their friendship. also the clip was very cute. which episode is it from?
  4. i definitely believe that she can be a solo artist in the future. she has everything that she needs to be one. but the most likely case is that she won't be. my guess is that she'll be a cook or something like that.
  5. she's really cute. i remember this from star golden bell. she does it when she's happy
  6. i'm not really sure why she did that. my theory. she's trying to contact some aliens?
  7. i can't see the video because youtube blocked it, but i've finished all the episodes of nicole - introduction to veterinary science. but it was a long time ago. which episode is this from?
  8. i'm so happy that she is in kara. her chemistry with the rest of the kara members is really good. i wonder what's the other group she was supposed to be in.
  9. rofl that's hilarious. if i had that, i'd frame it and never take it down or use it. so jealous of this person.
  10. i've been watching the show recently because of nicole, even though it's over already. it's really nice to watch nicole as a regular on a variety show
  11. usually, i'm bothered by people having moles but nicole's mole is small and it's not really noticeable so i don't mind it
  12. i like cola because it's cute like her. personally, i use cole slaw but that's just because i find it funny.
  13. i like both but if i have to choose, i'd choose the cute look. it seems to fit her more. my favorite is from the if you wanna music video
  14. i don't know whether she's undergone surgery but all i know is that she looks cute whether it's the past or now. she also kinda looks like lee hyori as a child.
  15. she makes me smile all the time but my favorite times are when she doesn't really understand korean that well, like in episode one of heroes and in family outing season one. she's really hilarious then