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  1. start spazzing away with anything related to Hara's Jumpin' gifs, pics, &video cuts. >>(click here)Korean Version gifs<< (gifs)preview of pv: JAPANESE PV--001 002 003 004----001 KOREAN MV ---- 001 002---------------001 002 003 101104-----------------FNS Mezamashi----------------------------------------------------------------------- 101110-----------------Wednesday Jpop-------------------------------------------------------------------- 101111-----------------NHKE Tensai TV Kun Max---------------------------------------------------------- 101114-----------------NHK Music Japan---------------------------x----------------------------------------- 101119-----------------TV Asahi Music Station-------------------------------------------------------------- 101119-----------------NTV Happy Music-------------------------------------- ------------------------------ 101120-----------------MBC Music Core-----------------------------x-x--------------------------x------------ 101121-----------------SBS Inkigayo----------------------------------x----------------------------x------------- 101126-----------------KBS 31st Blue Dragon Film Award------------------------------------------------ 101128-----------------SBS Inkigayo----------------------------------x------------------------------------------ 101128-----------------TV-Tokyo MelodiX!-------------------------x------------------------------------------ 101202-----------------M! Super Concert-----------------------------x------------------------------------------ 101203-----------------KBS Music Bank------------------------------x----------------------------x------------- 101202-----------------KBS Korea-China Songs Festival------x------------------------------------------- 101203-----------------MBC Green Evolution Daesang--------x----------------------------x-------------- 101204-----------------MBC Music Core------------------------------x------------------------------------------ 101205-----------------SBS Inkigayo----------------------------------x-------------------------------- ---------- 101206-----------------HeyHeyHey Music Champ---------------x-------------------------------------------- 101209-----------------Mnet CountDown------------------------------x------------------------------------------- 101210-----------------KBS Music Bank------------------------------x------------------------------------------- 101211-----------------MBC Music Core------------------------------x------------------------------------------- 101212-----------------SBS Inkigayo------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 101217-----------------KBS Music Bank---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 101218-----------------MBC Music Core---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 101219-----------------SBS Inkigayo------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 101229-----------------SBS Gayo Daejun-----------------------------x-----------------------------------------
  2. && doesn`t move her eyes off of the camera. hahah. please share more of "Hara's checking you out pics<3"
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ohmygoodness, how can they be so gorgeous & especially when they are crying. Miss my babies so much! To those who got the opportunity to go, I forever will be jealous (good, of course) & love you guys so much for sharing these fancams <3 Eeeek //watching fancams!
  4. JING's GREATEST VICTORY! if you want to watch a larger version? click here to stop from replaying: right click on the swf and remove the check mark next to 'loop' credit: 오!졍반합@Kara-T.
  5. HARA GOO is a THIEF! WATCH HER FUN MISSIONS. click here to watch in swf format. Hara-Grand Theft Auto EPISODE 3: HARA IS A NATURAL THIEF. watch her first undercover mission EPISODE 4: HARA DOESN'T STEAL FROM OTHERS. ...just takes what doesn't belong to her. EPISODE 6: IS HARA RECRUITING HER OWN TEAM?! Minho decides to join the fun. EPISODE 9: HARA's PARADISE STARTS FROM... free food samples to cash money. EPISODE 11: HARA RECRUITS ANOTHER ACCOMPLICE! Yuri&Hara team up on this delicious mission. VIDEO CREDITS: KARA-T & SOSHIFIED. NOTE: AM I MISSING ANY OTHER 'THIEF' MOMENTS FROM IY? IF SO,PLEASE LET ME KNOW. (:
  6. updates: 001 .002. 003. 004. 005. 006
  7. let's take a closer look: . . . again. actually, i`m not surprised if she has checked out our site. KARA-T has KARAHOLIC.COM as their affiliates(we have them as well). Hara got kicked out of her own fansite? credit:SweetMelodix^^ funny story. . .
  8. c:as tagged: Hara's fansite MIRACLE^^ "It has also been revealed that many fans of Goo Hara personally went to the set of Invincible Youth to wish her a happy birthday. The cast and staff had one big celebration on the set with food enough for more than 100 people." -AKP this is what they got them: i'll' finish updating later on (:
  9. To those who have been keeping up with IY probably know what i`m talking about. To those who don't..well Hara burned her pants on one of the episodes(see pic above) ...but it seems that it got her a small burned scrape/scar on her right knee.(see pic below) credit as tagged. How did it happen? IY episode8 camera one camera two credit:gifs&&pic:monkee/joss PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THE GIFS/PICS.
  10. As we all know...Hara hasn't been giving many solo activities like the rest of the members. [^^edit on11.26.09; some of our posts have been answered (:] We, Honey's [Hara] fans know she is just NOT just a pretty face. WE know Hara can be open, fierce, dorky, funny & super randomly fun many times. We see her often as the shy one...but there is way more to her. As we have seen so far on those variety shows for example on: [2009.01.26]Crying Fist <object width="425" height="350"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=13146548&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=ff056d&fullscreen=1" /><embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=13146548&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=ff056d&fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="425" height="350"></embed></object> <br><br> we got see a more fierce side of Hara. which yes, of course, i really liked even more.<333333 IDOL SHOWs competitive&dorky moments... 1st season with SUJU<---didn't want to lose. click here, here & so on but here !. 2nd season with 2PM<---especially that one. click here 4th season [KARA]<---Hara's competiveness& dorkiness got even more loose. <333333 click here i would like to see her come out more on: variety shows that have fun games that you have to be competitive. ex: KBS Game Show click here to watch. but hopely solo this time. if you know what i mean. MC-ing Hara&Seungyeon MC-ing on Inkigayo 09/09/20 -she really has skills & it was refreshing to see her MC-ing. radio shows want to hear/see more of her adorkable-ness. & personal life. (: [facts about her] if you pay close attention to the radio videos, you can see her been so goofy&waving to the fans a lot. indeed, she's our "sweet honey. <3 Cfs maybe for a Hair Shampoo or Skin care. click here for pics. DRAMA/MVs With her acting skills that we have seen so far shows us that she has potential on those areas a lot. ex: MBC The Man is Coming part one- click here part two- click here ^^ <33333!~ it would be sweet to see her on other MVs from different groups/artists. [someday*fingers crosses*] MAGAZINE/FASHION SHOWS i wanna see her model/cat-walk even more for famous designers. She loves fashion so why not?! haha. looks like she has fun at the photoshoots click here Hara on her own. CECI'S MAGAZINE. click here. Remember that VOGUE GIRL PUMA AD FEB '09?! click here who want to see her doing more modeling/photoshoots?! *raises hand* I DO! <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAK8xPb5Od8"></param><param'> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAK8xPb5Od8"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAK8xPb5Od8" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object> credit:WonSoKaLineFan i want see more of this HARA^^ i hope DSP lets her do more SOLO ACTIVITIES. So my question for you is... What kind of solo activites/variety shows would you like to see Hara appear on? credit:SweetMelodix
  11. Goo Hara is immature whenever she opens her mouth~ Goo Hara is immature even when she moves~ "I'm Yoochiri's most immature~" -by ShinYoung and Sunny (Ep.7) VIDEO&TRANSLATIONS: ★http://soshified.com/forums HARA PIC: ☆karaholic.com ---edit--- I'm still updating.
  12. Looking flawless on every picture. Photogenic babe, indeed~!!!
  13. Aww I know. She's such a tough cookie! lol. Just like when she got burned on IY, she just kept going on. Her performance was flawless though. Super proud of her.
  14. Aww that's such a sweet message there~ You could tell that they are indeed bestfriends.
  15. Thank you, ERIC ! I've been trying to figure out where to watch this cut. Since I didn't have any luck before...but not anymore. (: Ah! I'm anticipating their comeback!!! /crazy fan girl-mode.
  16. I'm so far behind but where could I watch the comeback teaser at? Hahah. Any link, please?
  17. ★webhead24 *hugs* I'm speechless in a good way. You're correct, we do need to unite and spread the Hara && of course KARA's love as well.
  18. Umm you know she got some fillers on her nose bridge. It's a shot that usually you get it every 6months, or so. Lol. And those pictures on the first picture concludes nothing, looks the same. Has anyone noticed that when she was on IY she always touched her nose? And not only on that variety show but almost most of the time. I think it's due to that and it slowly fades yet DSP was the one that made her do it. She's on a contract with them. Which she has to do whatever her company tells her to do OR else she's violating the contract which they could SUE her for it. Just keep that in mind, sweetie. IMO It seems that it bothers her when she's always touching her nose. Keep a look out for that (: &&I'm sorry but you shouldn't be upset or disappointed with this. Haters are going to hate. Let them be. ANTIS goal is to persuade everyone to hate a certain person(s), due to them not being satisfied with themselves.
  19. ★Frience Any proper Hara fan seems close to me, more like family hahah. Don't know if you've noticed but you rarely get to find Hara fans since some act really hypocritical and immature, especially towards her. It's like 'hmm are you really supporting her or making fun of her?' Like most supposed KAMILIA, even bash her, while praising the rest. EX: 'I love Hara but she can't sing' 'I'm no anti but why is she the face?' 'Isn't she plastic...btw not hating on her. I'm a KAMILIA' && etc. “We keep believing and supporting her and so many good things also happened. Do you know why? Our love is stronger than the hate of "theirs".” My thoughts exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself. PS:Actually, I'm pretty glad that I found you and your awesome tumblr ▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼ ★Chongie Welcome back, Chongie. Nice pictures
  20. I love the fact that she has the most antis and haters YET she doesn't let them get to her unlike that time *cough* which made pissed off when they did it on a live program. Antis/Haters are never satisfied with her. She proves she can sing yet they say she's lip-syncing. She's always the last one to leave the practice room yet she's bashed for not dancing better than ______. She proves that she's hardworking yet she's told that she doesn't work hard enough. She gives to the needy yet they say she's called a [insert profanity & negative remarks] Does something good yet start spreading false rumors. She's got mostly male-idol close friends yet they bash her for it. She dances sexy yet she's call a [insert profanity & negative remarks] She tells the truth yet they make fun of her or bash her for it. She gets a boyfriend yet she gets mostly all the hate. She helps others yet she's the one that gets blamed. She eats healthy&gains muscle yet she's told that she's too skinny and unhealthy. And the list goes on and on... After my rant, I can still say that due to she getting antis ever single day, I can proudly say that I'm a proud K A M I L I A and Hara supporter. Nothing's going to change the fact that I'm supporting her, always had and always will, since her debut day. So please keep hating Hara...more blessings she'll get. God definitely works in mysterious ways (: PS: That cross she wears makes her seem more stronger and peaceful, knowing this makes me feel at calm that she's not depressed or thinking negative thoughts. ALWAYS CHEER FOR HARAGOO. & KARA.
  21. HARA is the friggin' flawless and just so..../loss for words I keep like replaying her teaser~ I love the fact how they tried to make her look mature yet she still looks younger than ever. Gosh, my babe can rock any hairstyle /tears of joy Totatlly reminds me of ROCK U days /lalala land