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  1. great gifs. my favorite is the 2nd one where she hits herself in the face over and over.
  2. thanks for these pics. she is gorgeous in all of them, but is particularly stunning in the 1st one and 2nd to last one. absolute goddess.
  3. cool--eunjung is my co-favorite t-ara member, with qri. i love when idols from competing companies are close. it shows that k-pop is just a big family even though some fans are only loyal to one group.
  4. thanks for the gifs mae and kara4life. i didn't know much about nicole's mom, except that she owns a restaurant in seoul. her mom looks more like nicole's older sister. you can see where she got her beauty.
  5. 3 years later but still...wow. i knew nicole was in great shape but her calf muscle is crazy. it looks almost like it was photoshopped.
  6. i'd love to see gyuri roughing it on invincible youth. i can't even imagine her getting dirty digging up squid like jiyoung did in the 1st episode this season.
  7. thanks for those clips. i remember watching the speed english vid on youtube when i searched for seungyeon speaking english. there aren't many with those search terms though. it sucks those crossed out original links are down. they looked good just from reading the descriptions. the clip sandarasung posted where the girls are testing perfume in paris definitely shows SY is more comfortable speaking english in a private setting, as opposed to a variety show.
  8. thanks Hamster Boy for the translation, i laughed so hard. Rakuen posted a link to the video a couple of years ago with the title "KARA - 080911 Unconcealed Talk Channel [V]". i googled "KARA 080911" and found the clip if anyone's interested. the nickelodeon laugh track is hilarious too. if you didn't know what they were talking about it would look so innocent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKNcNKCV5Vo
  9. hara's hot in all the pics. i don't think she's truly fair skinned in the last pics though. the fair complexion pics were shot in a studio, so there were lights directed at her.
  10. wow, hara is so beautiful without makeup, slightly pale though in the top pics. some idols definitely don't look as good makeup free. it's nice to see hara's such a natural beauty. i remember seeing her on iy without makeup once or twice too.
  11. i can only imagine the response when gyuri first said this. gyuri couldn't even try to be unsexy.
  12. i thought that seungyeon graduated from high school in the US. i didn't know she was there only a couple years.
  13. her tongue habit is very noticeable whenever i watch her old clips from SGB. i've never noticed her counting off on her fingers though.
  14. i think i get what you mean. when i saw the step video, seungyeon had elf ears too. the way her hair covered the top of her ears made them look pointy. everytime i watch the video (especially the closeup version) i still think of her elf ears.
  15. haha, that's so funny that she's standing like 1 foot away from them and they have no clue. she kinda looks like jason (from friday the 13th movies) with a machete.