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  1. Seeing that this will be aired in Japan, I'm hoping its in Japanese since I know that more than Korean. Japanese is easier to guess than Korean!!
  2. Step never had a photo card. O.o maybe it was just a free bootleg photo from the seller. Only their Japanese releases have a group photo card in them if you buy first press.
  3. Really? In my opinion, I think Japan started the photocard thing first. I have a cd that was released by Morning Musume in Japan in 2003 and they came with photocards of each member for the limited edition cd. It's not a random member but it's still a photocard. And they did photobooks the year later for limited editions. I think later Korea started putting in photocards or cards as the photobook if you kind of understand.
  4. Oh my bad, I forgot about ticket sales. Well I mean what did expect with such high prices? And they never did update us quick enough to save up money and stuff to buy the tickets.
  5. It's cuz mblaq can't perform since their manager made a mistake in scheduling them. It was planned before that they would have a concert the day before and after this la concert. Plane flight would make them not meet events on time so they cancelled. With one group gone along with nickhun and jiwoon not performing, they can't get another group with such short notice considering events are scheduled for groups weeks and months beforehand. That's why, because of a scheduling mistake, mblaq can't go, nickhuns scandal, and no replacement, they need to postpone and refund.
  6. Registered 2 tickets and promoted the event on youtube. I hope you guys can spread it to youtube, twitter, fb, etc too.
  7. Just registered 2 tickets into our name. It would really mean the world to me if I could attend. And It would be even better if I got my sister to attend with me too. Hope we can!! ^.^ Let's promote on fb, twitter, youtube, dailymotion, tumblr, and anywhere else we can for any kamilias that have bought tickets.
  8. Ouch, I always thought Nicole never talked much during variety shows was because she was shy or felt like she had to be interesting to talk. Never knew about the language hardships was a major reason. I'm glad Gyuri was able to go through without having to go through surgery, it might've made her feel less confident if she did or something. Glad they were able to express their feelings.
  9. So uhhhh, it would be about $400 total for vvip tickets after tax and other stuff.....and then $65 for the crappiest seats after tax and stuff...I hope the vip/vvip packages are really worth it if they're making these prices so high....
  10. This is more expensive than SM Town and SM Town was an amazing concert with extras. This is just a concert....I'm deciding whether to get Floor R, VIP, or VVIP depending on if it's really worth it cuz Kara's prob only gonna perform 3 songs.
  11. 300? Ahhhhh, I hope I'm able to afford and get some. I hope we all meet up before the concert too to hang out and get balloons. Wait, so tickets are available for purchase on tues or weds? and we buy them where? sorry, i'm a little confused.
  12. Where was the seating chart released? Maybe that's where we can look at for ticket prices when they are announced?
  13. This album is kind of small. Especially since half the album are instrumentals. :/ I wish they added another group song cuz having half the album be instrumentals is kind of like having 6 singles in one cd, I kind of want side tracks too rather than just an album full of singles. Not complaining about the songs though, they're really good, just wish they added one more group song. Or maybe it's just me.