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  1. Those earring on Hara are HUGE...they're probably super heavy and kind of painful. I love all their looks although I'm not quite a fan of Hara's hair here. I think the stylists could have made it look sleeker but it's minor so it's all good. LOVE NICOLE'S LEGS. Really sexy. Gyuri looks fantastic too, kinda demure which I really like. And Jing is all grown up! That hairstyle is really mature and she looks older and more intense.
  3. Gyuri never cut her hair, that was a wig, I think ^^ Goddess wouldn't do something to make her any less of a goddess.
  4. I think I found them. credit: MrHoneyHamSY enjoy ^^
  5. Well, I've already posted my list before but I've made a few changes. SHINee - Minho or Key. Obviously Key because of their cute friendship but it turns out that Nicole is really close to Minho as well! In the one episode of Dream Team, he chose her to give extra points to (even hugging her) and you could see their friendship. Plus he's a little awkward so being with Cole would help him ease up and relax. FT Island - Hongki because he is ALWAYS mesmerized by her in Star Golden Bell and they even sort of flirt on air. There's also Minhwan but it seems they don't have much interaction anymore. Jaejin would be cute too because he said Nicole is his favorite. Super Junior - Donghae because he's her favorite member. Siwon because he was also very mesmerized by her during Star Golden Bell and Kyuhyun because of Maybee's Volume Up. He's shy and while they were on the show, they were way too cute. She made him feel so much more relaxed. 2PM - Junsu because of Idol Army and they have a close friendship and JAY because of how they are both Korean American and they have similar loving personalities. Also he likes a girl who can dance and we all know Nicole can! Plus he seemed to really like her whenever he was Star Golden Bell and their interactions were so cute. 2AM - Well, I can really say there's only Jinwoon. Seulong is pretty close to her as well but I think he fits better with Gyuri. Anyways, Nicole is close with Jinwoon but I just can't see them dating anymore. I feel like they will always be best friends but nothing more. SS501 - Kyujong because they have a nice relationship (shown through Star Golden Bell and that one time on that show where they texted each other) or Hyunjoong because she said that she is closest to him and he's her favorite. He also said Nicole was his and he only had her phone number when he first changed his phone. DBSK - I'm not sure actually, but maybe Jaejoong or Changmin? Not enough interactions for me to tell. BEAST - AJ and Nicole were meant to be. They're both so sexy and have that 4D personality. MBLAQ - Definitely Mir or Joon because of their similar personalities. Joon and Nicole would blow up the world with their sexiness and Mir and Nicole are both in the '91 line so I'm sure they'd have lots to talk about. Big Bang - Seungri would be great with Nicole. They have really matching personalities. I'm not sure who else, maybe even TOP? He's a bit older but Nicole did say that she liked older guys (5-6 years older was okay for her) so that wouldn't be too bad at all. I think that's all the groups out there.
  6. for singing seungyeon, gyuri and nicole are all in distance of each other. what i mean is that seungyeon tends to be the most consistent and her lives are probably the best. gyuri can hit the higher notes but she lacks control and at times, chokes up a bit. nicole can hit the high notes and is fairly consistent but she also lacks control and needs to work on her breaths. afterwards jiyoung because she has improved so much. however, she is after seungyeon, gyuri and nicole because she still needs some more time to adjust. it was only in lupin that we noticed the drastic difference. before she was a decent singer but during lives, you could hardly hear her! but in lupin performances her voice is loud and clear so good job DSP with giving her more training. she has a good voice she just needs to exercise it. hara is last because frankly her voice is not up to par with the rest of the members. she also should sing lower pitches because her voice seems to be more suited for it. i feel that with training, she could be a pretty good singer but DSP hasn't been giving her that so her vocals aren't up to level of the rest of kara. for dancing nicole is first because she moves with such ease and it's graceful watching her. then hara because she also moves quite well but i think at times, she can be stiff. then probably seungyeon, gyuri and jiyoung.
  7. haha xstrawberriesx i posted that in the shinee+kara thread but i think people are more for keycole. i love keycole but i have to say i would if minho were to get together with nicole, i would be pretty happy too. minho's smile and expression was to die for when he hugged cole. loved it as for who she should be with, i honestly have way too many. i really want someone whose similar to her in personality but i think she would also be good with someone whose sort of more cold and silent. her warm and bubbly personality would melt him right up jinwoon (even though his dream girl is seohyun) key minho (he's one of the more cold/silent type) jaebum (she said he was her favorite 2pm (ex)member) hongki (he was mesmerized by her on sgb) siwon (he was too) junsu kim bum seungri minhwan gosh, there's really way too many.
  8. i'm hoping she'll have some interactions with MBLAQ. i'd love to see her with mir or someone.
  9. actually, i think seungri and nicole are friends. i remember him starring on SGB once and then there were videos of kara + seungri together and also on some video, he was imitating the way nicole says yo or something. and jinwoon and nicole are definitely close. i'm guessing since idol army show.
  10. i think they're okay. they were pretty friendly on star golden bell and it's not like they're strangers cause they've been on idol show together so overall, i think it's okay. plus hara will be there next week and she and jokwon were even a couple on the idol show. so it's not that bad. also, jaebum's thing is only temporary. i really hope they don't decide for this to be permanent cause i want him + nicole together i understand that in korea, this thing is not as light as it would be in america, but still, it's really hard for someone to adjust to that. i don't blame him for being all emotional and angry and he even apologized so i think it's really stupid for all these netizens to want to boot him off of these shows and ask him to leave 2PM. that's funny because 2PM would be absolutely NOTHING without jay.
  11. did anyone think that chung lim was kind of into nicole? like they gave him another chance to answer since it never got to him the first time and he sort of gave this really smile and looked intently at nicole. he kind of stuck out his tongue a little and was really smiling.
  12. there was definitely not as much nicole air time is i would've liked. she seemed a little awkward although i think that's because she's not so used to everybody and they're all older than her. hopefully she warms up some in the next episode. there were hardly any jaebeom and nicole interactions, mostly due to the separate teams they were on but there was little things about the two of them that were really cute. i'm looking forward to the next episode. i can't wait to see it and hopefully they'll be more jaebeom and nicole interactions because they should be on pretty good terms with each other (sgb, idol show, etc) i hope she feels more comfortable too, she seemed absolutely exhausted and wasn't her usual cheerful self.
  13. it's either between gyuri, seungyeon or nicole. to go solo, it's not about popularity, it's about if you're really talented and are up to it. a lot of girls do great in groups, but they don't have the ability to make it solo as it's like 10 times harder. i don't think hara nor jiyoung would make it solo. this is my opinion, they both have very nice voices but as for singing ability, gyuri, seungyeon and nicole have much more talent. i love all the members of KARA, but i really don't think hara nor jiyoung would be able to go solo. i'm judging this because i've watched each member sing seperately and gyuri, seungyeon and nicole have the strong vocals. i'm not hating, but jiyoung's and hara's are considerably weaker compared to the three. as for the old kara, it would of course be sunghee. that girl is amazing.
  14. did anyone see the love class performance on inkigayo? she was wearing a strapless black and white polka dotted dress and she was the most adorable thing i've ever seen. literally. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P7oDTfekPE <--- that's the one.
  15. i was browsing through kara videos and i came across it. i rushed over to here, allkpop and every other korean pop news site i could think of to see if it was true. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM SO SO SO HAPPY. they looked so shocked and emotional. it's okay to cry girls, you deserved this win for sure! i hope they win at least once more, maybe for mister cause that would be amazing. KARA FIGHTING!