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  1. wonder why Hara looks so tired though, but really, laughing jiyoung is adorable!
  2. used to dislike Jumping but after awhile i realized that what i really didn't like was just their outfits in the MV, as a song it's actually very catchy.
  3. can't seem to catch the videos, they take them down so fast! i wonder why they can't understand that some people have no choice but to turn to youtube to watch their shows.
  4. nice! congrats to Hara! glad to see they're succeeding outside the kpop scene too. wonder when we'll have local showings of that series.
  5. sigh, i guess no chance of Manila, Philippines being included in their list. i wish the stations here would bring in kpop along with all the kdrama they keep bringing into the country.
  6. never realized exactly how slender Hara was until that shoot where she's wearing little boy clothes.
  7. shy gyuri is always worth watching. creepy little laughs from the 2 guys though.
  8. thanks for sharing! the 2nd video's so funny! haha, never seen a dog ignore someone like that before.
  9. Jiyoung really cracks me up! so cute! if that's true then have to listen to the original Kara's album.
  10. nice! thanks for sharing, just wondering, why is the title part backwards? and where do you get these solo versions? are there others for the other members?
  11. Have to say Nicole, she has a fit body, which comes from all that exercise i guess, unlike Hara which just seems naturally slender.
  12. It's great that they're successful in Japan, but they still need to work on their presence in Korea too, just from watching random shows, you can see that Kara still doesn't come as quickly to mind as other groups like SNSD, etc. You can see from when they have MC's guess which kpop group they have as guests that Kara is barely mentioned. Or maybe i'm just reading too much into too little.
  13. not just in variety shows, even in videos of photoshoots, everytime the camera pans to her she says something about food. )
  14. definitely think nicole, she has that outgoing feel no matter who's talking to her. Hara sometimes feels a bit aloof if you surprised her
  15. hmm... i used to dislike the earlier songs, but they do tend to grow on you after awhile. still get kinda weirded out when i hear "Rock Your Ba-seh!" )