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  1. Yeah, I noticed that as well. She didn't seem to get as much screen time as IU or Jiyeon. At the same time though, I noticed that she spent an equal amount of time with both the older members and the younger members so it seemed like she got along well with everyone. Have to expect that coz it's Nicole, right? Everyone loves her. That video is so funny, especially at the end! Jiyeon's reaction was gold!!
  2. Pffft hahahaah. Yeah, that was pretty dorky. Daesung looked kinda out of his element; he didn't know what to do. Was expecting him to do something random or even more dorky.
  3. If she was trying to look mad, I give her 1/5. If she was trying to look cute, I give her 5/5. How can someone trying to appear mad appear cuter instead? Aye...some things just don't make sense.
  4. Nicole + Hara = Cutest bullies in the world. Tease her while you can! In the end the maknaes always stand up for themselves; they always do.
  5. Good on Jiyoung for earning this title; rightfully deserved IMO. She has to have some of the cutest AND funniest mannerisms.
  6. As we found out in one of the earlier episodes, Jiyoung was really worried that she wouldn't do a good job on the show which is why I think it was a good idea that the producers invited girls like Sunny who have a lot of experience in variety shows. Knowing Sunny's personality, she'll always take care of her younger siblings. Also, girl group members are so close nowadays they'll always look out for each other. To be honest though, I don't think Jiyoung's got anything to worry about. By the second episode, it looked like she had already settled in and now she's doing awesome on IY. She's starting to show a lot of versatility. Plus you gotta love her playful, humourous side.
  7. It was cool to see Nicole appear on IY. I love her sister/best friend relationship with Hara. The two are so cute together. Also, seeing how close she is to members of other girls groups makes me believe that poll "Which idol has the most celebrity friends?" is valid.
  8. Nicole is so cute when she wears hats and beanies. Awesome collection of pics!!
  9. IMO, her room isn't that messy. I know a few girls whose rooms are a lot messier than that. It may be a mess to some of us but it's an organised mess to her. As long as she knows where everything is, does it really matter? And yes, my room is messy too. Also, is it just me or are stuffed toys a necessity for any female idol's bed?
  10. Hara was awesome in these episodes of RM! She brings a lot of energy to variety shows, doesn't she? Loved how she tripped on her heels and turned around to see if anyone was watching.
  11. Hahahah that was awesome! Her form is pretty good, especially her arm swing action. Is there a show where members of various girl groups compete in a bowling contest?
  12. Agreed. She has the cutest habits. I stick out my tongue a fair bit too. Loved the gifs guys!
  13. Nicole's an absolute gem. She seems to get along well with everyone. With her bright, bubbly personality and innocence, it's no wonder that everyone loves her.