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  1. Never! I mean what's not to like about this group? Every member is pretty and talented to boot.
  2. Gyuri's voice. It easily stands out among the other members' voices in most of their music videos. To be honest, it is quite hard for me to distinguish the voices of the other members.
  3. I have to go with Nicole as well. I guess you can notice it everytime they are doing a variety show or an interview together, she's so energetic!
  4. Kang Jiyoung all the way! In most of their music videos she looks so fresh even if they change her hairstyle.♥
  5. ^We have exactly the same reason. It's because of Invincible Youth that I was able to research more on the group that's why I started to love them.
  6. My friends who also love K-Pop. Another reason would be because of Invincible Youth. Because of that show I learned Hara's personality.
  7. Like most of the guys, the first member that caught my attention was Gu Hara. Also because I watched the first Invincible Youth. But after watching several other music videos and performances, I started to like other members especially Kang Jiyoung.♥
  8. For now I would have to go with DAEBAK!!! That's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the girls.
  9. ^I do agree with that. I wasn't really fond of Kara early last year but after listening to some of their songs, I really started to love them.
  10. Probably i'd choose Nicole. Maybe because I can't speak korean and Nicole can also speak english therefore we would be able to understand each other.
  11. Kang Jiyoung definitely! She's pretty and so sweet! I can't resist her cuteness.
  12. Whenever I show or introduce Kara to my friends I usually let them watch the Mister MV. Nobody can resist the butt dance. XD Also if I show them to my male friends most of them would pick Hara as the prettiest (probably around 90% of the time).
  13. ^Yeah considering how similar their language structure is, it can really be quite confusing when you're trying to learn those 2. As long as we find the right balance then I think we'll be fine.
  14. ^Yeah too bad they haven't included that part. You should checkout the teaser for Vita. Although I'm not quite sure if Kara songs would be included as well.
  15. I chose Lupin. I love their outfits on the cover. It has a different vibe to it.