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  1. I Know I'm a Kamilia When .... 1. I joined Karaholic and check the forums everyday 2. I joined Twitter just to follow all their twits and get extra info from the fangroups 3. I downloaded all their korean and japanese albums into my phone and only listen to them 4. I watched all the variety shows they appeared in 5. I'm learning Korean so I can try to small chat if I ever meet them 6. I created a playlist containing all their known MVs in youtube and replay them 7. I bought the KARASIA Towel 8. I'm saving money to buy the albums and other related items when I see them released here in Singapore :thumbup:
  2. The last video posted has been set private >.< Don't suppose anyone has permission to view it right?
  3. "My dear, People cry, not because they
  4. OMG! Kim Shinyoung won SY!??!!! wow! Daebak!
  5. Call me biased but .... It's gotta be SY for this. How can it be anyone else??
  6. It'd be pretty cool if KARA would ever do a collaboration with Jayesslee =) Then again, that's provided KARA would be ok with doing an English song or vice-versa
  7. Seriously, I think after all that she's gone through for KARA, she deserves better. Hopefully we can help to spread her goodness more than the antis can spread these rumours
  8. Darn! isn't there an all of the above option available? >.<
  9. I did remember reading on AKP about Seungyeon being well known and well-liked amongst the seniors in the industry as well because of a dating rumour and it was pretty much speculated that the person was seungyeon.
  10. Both look equally awesome and badass to me. I think the short bob in Lupin and the fiery streaks in Speed Up are her most striking styles so far *jjang*
  11. Didn't even take me half a second to decide. Mwahahaha, Bias is always a bias, regardless of questions asked =D
  12. I do agree with the "late-bloomers" idea. They really do seem to just be growing a lot recently and getting better as well. I mean look at the others, most groups/idols make an impact at debut and gradually fade off with time or if the impact didn't come at debut, they'll just die off real quick. But with KARA, they've been through 2 major crisis now and just keep getting stronger. As they say, whatever doesn't kill you just makes you stronger so I'm hoping to see more of them. =)
  13. Awesome stuff! Do share more info! I'd hope to be able to do it before the deadline though as I'm mugging for my quizzes this week. T-T Would love to spend a little time to write this letter. =)
  14. IKR~! Totally should do it, I think her current hairstyle win hands down so far.
  15. OMG~! Daebak~! this is pretty awesome, haha, unflattering but still pretty come to think of it, her schooldays shots does slightly resemble my sister =X