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  1. Name: Park Gyuri [박규리] Birthday: May 21, 1988 Blood Type: AB Birth Place: Seoul, Korea Schooling: Currently attending Dongduk Women's University (majoring in Broadcasting Communications) Hobbies: Food Reading Watching Movies Favorite Color: Purple Nicknames: Gyul, Goddess, Mirror Princess, Shikshin, Carrot Pets: KingKangie, Nadia, Popo (puppy) Skills/Talents: Radio DJ Singing Acting Playing Piano Voice Dubbing Impersonations MC/Host Fluent in Japanese Resume: Television: Appeared in drama/sitcom Today is a Nice day(age 7) Appeared in drama Ladies of the Palace (age 14) KBS Star Golden Bell MBC Parody Theater (Lead Role) Urakara as herself Lululala Jewelry House What is Mom (Cameo) Reckless Family (Lead Role) Nail Salon Paris (Lead Role) Narrator on 'Real Man" with Hara MC for SBS 'The Show: All About K-Pop' with Seungyeon Radio: KBS Radio Sukira Kiss the Radio SBS Donggo Dongrak Radio MBC Starry Night Radio MBC Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio (DJ, May'10 - Oct'11) Music: I Look at Only You (City Hunter OST) I Love You More Than The Soul (Delicious Life OST) Daydream (Solo Song) Breaking Fate (The Great Seer OST) Kiss (Galileo 2 OST) Collaborations: Day After - Hong Kyung Min & Park Gyuri Let's Go (G20 Seoul Summit Theme Song) - Various Artists My Love (Daemul OST) - Park Gyuri & Kang Jiyoung Indecisive (Love is Elsewhere OST) - Park Gyuri & Hyun Young (Rainbow) Others: Child Model Alpha & Omega (Voice Dubbing) - Park Gyuri & Shindong Female lead in 200 Pounds Beauty Musical (2011) KARA The Animation as herself Endorsements: Girls Like Pomegrenates CF KARAYA with Hara & Jiyoung Nature Republic with Hara & Jiyoung Shu Uemura Anna Sui Soy Carat (KARA) LiveDAM (KARA) Cuvilady (KARA) K-Swiss (KARA) K-Food Ambassadors (KARA) Get to know Gyuri better: She came up with the group name KARA, which means Sweet Melody in Greek She is the daughter of popular voice dubber Park Sohyun She is the only child She's allergic to dogs but takes medicine so she can be around dogs Is a HUGE H.O.T fan Originally called Yeoshin, Goddess by fans and it stuck She wants to venture into acting in the future but would like to be known as a singer She's visited many countries Her ideal boyfriend has to be manly Also a big fan of Tiger JK She's known to be extremely witty Has insomnia frequently She trained in SM for awhile, was even asked if she wanted to join CJSH One of her closest friends is Eunjung (T-ara) Loves Western dishes especially those mixed with cheese or cream Unlike her Goddess image for tv, she is actually really humble Credit: Haejin, timstarr , Mae (editing)+ KARAholic
  2. Name: Gu Hara [구하라] Birthday: January 13, 1991 Blood Type: B Birth Place: Kwanju, South Korea Debut date: 2008.07.24 Schooling: Dongmyeong Woman's High School of Industry and Information Currently attending Sungshin Woman's University (majoring in media/film acting) Hobbies: Scary movies Sleeping Eating Watching J-Dramas (ex:hanayoridango) Dancing Traveling Favorite Color: Pink Nicknames: Honey, Koala, Gura, Goosain Bolt, Hara Goo Pets: Pangie & Ang (puppies) Skills/Talents: MC/host Acting Modeling Gag Idol Running Japanese Singing Dancing Resume: Television: KBS Documentary "Unwavered Dreams" Mnet Check it Girl MBC That Man is Coming (Lead Cameo) MBC Hunters KBS Invincible Youth SBS City Hunter URAKARA SBS Inkigayo MC with Nicole 2011 Dream Concert MC 2011 Music Bank in Tokyo MC Radio: MBC ShimShim TaPa DSP Radio Ep3 Music: I love you I want you I need you (Acoustic Version) - Goo Hara (City Hunter OST) Secret Love Others: Model for online shops Kara the Animation Awards: KBS 2010 Rookie Female Entertainer of the Year Mnet 20's Choice Award for "Hot Campus Girl" Endorsements: Apieu Skincare Karaya with Gyuri & Jiyoung We Make Price Nature Republic with Gyuri & Jiyoung Swarovski Puzzle Bubble Snickers CF with SeungYeon k-swiss k-food Get to Know Hara better: Auditioned for SME and JYPE before entering DSP Attended Kwanju Academy of Music (with Big Bang's Seungri and 2NE1's Minzy) In charge of "coolness" in KARA Goodwill embassador for her University She loves horror/scary movies Modeled for a text book Is called "Honey" because her surname Gu is similar to pronounciation to "Honey" in Korean: "Ggul" Is very competitive Loves shopping/fashion/makeup Participated in track & field in elementry school Known as a Gag Idol because of Invisible Youth Eats healthy Loves eating Nicole's curry Admires Hyori and In Sooni Her audition song: Fool by Hyeryung She's really close to Jessica (SNSD) Currently dating B2ST's Junhyung Likes Korean dishes, plain rice is okay Ideal type is someone who is manly, someone she can learn from Credit: Anne, Haejin, Joss + Timstarr + KARAholic
  3. Name: Han SeungYeon [한승연] Birthday: July 24, 1988 Blood Type: A Birth Place: Seoul, Korea Schooling: Attended Tenafly High School (New Jersey) Currently attending Kyunghee University (majoring in Film Arts and Theatre) Hobbies: Reading Listening to Music Watching Anime Playing with her dogs Favorite Color: Pink Nicknames: Ham, Hammie, Choding Pets: Wonie & Sungie (hedgehogs), Puri & Nubi Skills/Talents: Singing Dancing Pop-locking MC/Host Fluent in Japanese Impersonating a mosquito sound Impersonating a crow Resume: Television: Short Cameo in drama "Star in my Heart" MSL Break Mnet SSGB MBC Section TV SBS Sixth Sense Quiz MBC Every1 My Pet MBC More Charming by the Day SBS Animal Farm MBC Pit A Pat Shake KBS A Bit Of Love SBS Jang Ok Jung KARA THE ANIMATION KARA Secret Love Drama Hallyu Dream Concert 2012 (MC) Seoul Inetrnational Drama Awards (MC)(20130905) Epic 3D Movie (Voice Acting)(MK voice) Hallyu Dream Concert 2013 (MC) THE SHOW All About K-Pop (MC) Her Lovely Heels (SBS Drama of 10 episodes) Jang Bo Ri is (MBC Drama)[WiP] Radio: KBS Radio Maybee's Volume Up Music: Miracle (Welcome to my House OST) - Han SeungYeon Super Star (Mary Stayed Out All Night OST) - Han SeungYeon Because Of Love (Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST) - Han SeungYeon Guilty - Han SeungYeon (korean) Guilty - Han SeungYeon (Japanese) Strong Enough - Han SeungYeon (KARASIA Happy New Year at Tokyo Dome 2013) We Will Rock You - Han Seungyeon (KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour 2013) Collaborations: Come To Play - Nassun ft. Han SeungYeon Others: Featured in SS501's Japanese MV called "Lucky Days" Feutured in Puruttey's Cheki Love Endorsements: Samsung CF with Uee, Ga In, and Hyuna Snickers CF with Hara Kia Pride CF Elle with Nicole Union Bay with JiYoung and Lee Min Ki K-SWISS K-food Campus 10 InStyle Get to know Seungyeon better: Managed to attain a 100 on her TOEFL G.O.D fan girl Loves to watch anime, she downloads them when she feels stressed Her first love was during her teens at the age of 14 Dated after debut, had a boyfriend Gadget Girl, she loves her electronic goods (notebooks, psp, earphones etc) over clothes Re-took her college entrance exams because she wasn't satisfied with her previous marks Dislikes washing the dishes Is called Ham because she looks like a hamster (nick name given to her by Sunghee) She's very good friends with Uee from Afterschool She's quiet in reality unlike her TV image Attended the same dance school as Hyori and Hyoyeon Her parents wanted her to be a doctor but they fully support her dream now She was scouted by producers even after getting in DSP She would like to venture into acting in the future Favorite dishes include Donkatsu, Boodae jjigae, Neangmyeon (Cold Noodle) Ideal type is someone with white skin, double eyelids, but not too big. Someone who can take care of her well like her father. She can drive, have a license She is the only child She had 2 hedgehogs but decided to give them to someone that can take care of them better Becomes very emotional when she sees an animal suffering Also known as the fake maknae, because of her looks Has the ideal body ration of 1 : 7.5 She always smiles because if she doesn't, she looks like she's glaring She has been cooking a lot these days, and sometimes makes Hara the taster She had a hard time deciding if she were to accept her role in Jang Ok Jung, but decided to accept it in the end Her head fits 4 and a half tissue paper Credit: Anne, Haejin, timstarr, Joel, Mae (edited) + KARAholic + xxoo + OPPA (editing) Updated: April 12, 2014.
  4. Stage Name: Nicole Real Name: Nicole Jung Hangeul: 정니콜 Korean Name: Jung Yong Joo Talent Agency: - DSP Media (2007 - 2014) - B2M Entertainment ( 2014 - present) Official Fanclub Name: Colling(s) Occupation: - Dancer - Singer - Actress - Model Official Social Media Accounts: @_911007 on Twitter @_911007nicole on Instagram Birthday: October 7, 1991 Blood Type: A Birth Place: Glendale, California USA Education: - Attended Global Christian School - Attended Laurel Springs School, finished 11th grade - Received her GED - Attended Konkuk University Hobbies: - Reading - Listening to Music - Cooking/Baking - Dancing - Watching movies - Work Out/Exercise Favorite Color: - Orange - Blue - Purple Nicknames: - MusiCole - Tweety - Cole - Ko Ri - Cole ah - Nicol Nicol Nicolru (Japanese) Pets & Companions: - Mocha -Chino - Duke - Jasper - Melly Skills/Talents: - Dancing - Singing - MC-ing - Cooking/Baking Languages: - English - Korean - Japanese DISCOGRAPHY Television: - MBC The Person is Coming (2008) - KBS Star Golden Bell (Dec 2008 - 2009) - MBC Nodaji (2009) - MBC Bonanza - MBC Star Ranking - Mnet Nicole the Entertainer's Introduction to Veterinary Science - Mnet Nicole goes to College (2009-2010) - SBS Strong Heart - KBS Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 - SBS Heroes (2010) - SBS Good Sunday (2010-2011) - SBS Family Outing Season 1 & 2 -TV Tokyo UraKARA (2011) - SBS Inkigayo MC with Hara (Oct 2011 - Aug 2012) - 2013 Golden Disk Awards MC (Jan 16, 2013) - DRAMACube Secret Love (2014) Movies: - My Way (2011) - KARA The Animation Music: Collaborations: - 'String' - Sunha (Rap by Nicole) - 2008 - 'Happy...And' - Kang Kyun Sung & Nicole - 2008 - 'Whale' - Park Myung So, Nicole, & E-Tribe (MyungColeTribe) - 2010 - 'Lost' - Nicole feat Jinwoon (2AM) - 2012 - 'This Person' - Dazzling Red (Hyorin, Hyuna, Nicole, Hyosung, Nana) - 2012 Music Videos: - Featured in Kang Kyun Sung's "Happy...And MV - Featured in A-JAX's MV Hot Game - 2012 - Cameo in label mate PURETTY's Cheki ☆ Love - 2012 SOLO: Lost (2012) MAMA (First Romance) 2015 Other: Featured Performer for Mighty Mouse in Love Class Performances Featured Performer for PSY's inkigayo performance - 120729 Endorsements: Vocamastar - VM 100 Launched her own Baked Goods line called "KuKi Six" at Mango Six Cafes Kappa Clothing with 2AM Soy Carat (KARA) LiveDAM (KARA) CuviLady (KARA) K-Swiss (KARA) K-Food Ambassador (KARA) Get to Know Nicole better: Korean name Yong Joo means "Dragon Ball" in English Played Violin for 4 years (4th -8th grades) Avid Baker and wants to open up her own place in the future Chocolate Addict Learned Korean from her grandmother, but just the basics and in satoori (country accent) Regimented in working out and keeping fit; does weight lifting, pilates, and yoga for fitness Loves to eat Known for having a wide network of celeb friends Has written her own raps for KARA as well as contributing to KARA's choreography Voted as the most "sexy" in KARA by her fellow members Also voted "most hard working" by fellow KARA members Participated in sports, band, dance, and choir while in school in the U.S. Hates to cry in front of people She is the only child Says she dislikes people who lie Writes "Always Smile" with her autographs Wanted to attend Juilliard either for Dance or Violin Nominated for Mnet 20's choice award 2009 for Hot New Variety Star Is listed under 2 groups on her Naver profile: KARA & MyungColeTribe (for Park Mung Soo, Nicole, and E-Tribe's collaboration on "Whale" ) She hasn't really meant anyone close to her ideal type yet Nicole's part of a well known group of idol friends that call themselves the "'91 Line" that consists of 2AM's Jinwoon, Shinee's Key, FT Island's Jaejin, B2ST's Dongwoon, MBLAQ's Mir, Infinite's Woohyun, and Afterschool's Nana. Loves Winnie the Pooh or just anything Disney The Korean Music Festival influenced her decision to send in her audition to DSP Likes Hip hop, pop, and jazz type of dances Considered being a choreographer She is competitive She is the FC Men's soccer team "manager" in charge of passing out water etc to players, her shirt number is 111 and "Cole" is the name of her shirt Drives a Range Rover Evoque Claimed to be good at dodgeball Was picked by group members as the member that can drink the best, Nicole says she could drink up to 2 1/2 bottles of wine According to Nicole's mom, Nicole ranked on first place out of 730 students when she was in 8th grade Avid Taylor Swift fan Admits she has anxiety when it comes to editing on variety shows Favorite KARA song is "My Darling" In school, her favorite subjects were English and History Never got a score lower than 85 in school Currently learning how to play the guitar Loves it when others say she's "feminine" Has a tattoo on the left side of her ribs that says "Amier et etre Aimer" which means "To Love and to be Loved" Nicole left KARA at the end of her contract on January 16, 2014. Credit: Haejin, Timstarr, Mae (editing)+ KARAholic
  5. NAME: ◊ 김성희 NICKNAME: ◊ Sungja, Sungbok D.O.B: ◊ May 17, 1989 BLOOD TYPE: ◊ B FAVORITE COLOR: ◊ Green FAVORITE FLOWER: ◊ Rose FAVORITE KOREAN ARTIST: ◊ Park Hyo Shin SKILLS / TALENT: ◊ Singing ◊ Impersonating Jeon Ji Hyun ◊ Singing Korean classical music while impersonating Gummy HOBBIES / INTEREST: ◊ Dancing ◊ Listening to music ◊ Making random sounds EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: ◊ Graduated from Goojung High School (2007) ◊ Attending Han Yang Girls' University for Vocal Music WORK HISTORY: ◊ Original OST song for Drama "3-Leaf Clover" - Then I'm Done ◊ Group song for "Chasing Kangnam Mother" OST - Fighting ◊ Live Wannabe ◊ Guest Peformer at Monster's Fan-Meeting (Duet with Real) ◊ Guest Performer at Shin Hyun Ho's Concert http://i25.tinypic.com/2lsji44.jpg SWEET FACTS: ◊ The ring on her right hand ring finger is a memento of her late mother ◊ She also always carries around a picture of her mother holding her as a baby in her wallet ◊ Has a dog named Bba Bba Ddya Ya ◊ She has a habit of kissing her members ◊ Her mother was also an OST singer ◊ She is very passionate about singing and will not give up ◊ Loves the left side of her face (often calls it "handsome") ◊ She has done yoga before ◊ Is said to be close to SS501's Jungmin ◊ Is known for her amazing skills in forgetting song lyrics in a very cute way ◊ She is called "Sungja" (which means 'Saint'); given to her by one of Kara's dancers ◊ Admitted one time in Gyuri's 'il cheon pyeong' (What Friend's Say) "I am Park Gyuri's lover" ◊ She is also called Sungbok which originated from Kara's "Mnet Selfcam 1 Part 2" When they were talking about Kara's younger brother ◊ Officially left Kara on Feb 29, 2008 upon her father's wishes ◊ During her trainee days (before meeting other KARA members) she didn�t talk to other people much, often practiced dancing alone, she would sing to herself, wearing her headphones, played piano, or take ulzzang photos in her corner ◊ As of 2009, Sunghee still performs at regular gigs every now and then ◊ Will be getting married to Yang Won Joon (31), the eldest son of voice actor Yang Ji Woon. Wedding will be held on May 7 in Paju, Kyunggido. Credit: Anne, Haejin, Louise, Mae (editing) + KARAholic
  6. Stage Name: Jiyoung Real Name: Kang Ji-Young Hangeul: 강지영 Hanja: 姜知英 Birth Date: January 18, 1994 Blood Type: O Birth Place: Gyeongii-do Province, Paju South Korea Education: - Graduated from Kwanghee Middle School - Graduated from Muhak Woman's High School - Currently Attending Sungkyunkwan University Major in Acting Arts Talent Agency: - Sweet Power 2014 - Present - DSP Media 2008 - 2014 Official Fanclub Name: Bicycle Occupation: - Actress - Model Social Media Accounts: @kkangjji on Instagram Official Fanclub Site: Jiyoung FC Hobbies: - Reading - Listening to Music - Mini Couper - Dogs Nicknames: - Jing - Baby Jing - Kang Ah Ji (puppy) - Kang Jara (turtle) - Rice-Cake (because of her fair skin tone) Pets and Comapanions: - Jisukie - Myungsoo - Hongsoonie - Bokshirie (puppies) Skills/Talents: - Singing - Dancing - Acting - Aegyo Television/Drama: - KBS2 - Sassy Girl Chun Hyang - MBC - The Person Is Coming - Mnet - Kara Bakery - MBC - Every1 Love Pet - KBS - Invincible Youth 2 - TV Tokyo - URAKARA - Drama Cube - Secret Love - NTV - Jingoku Sensei Nube - NTV - Higanbana ~ Onnatachi no Hanzai File Filmography: - KARA The Animation Japanese Movies: - Assassination Clasroom Radio: - KBS - Kiss the Radio - MBC - ShimShim TaPa Music Collaborations: - 눈이부셔 (Nunnibusheo) - Jumper Feat. Kang Jiyoung - Merry Love - With Kim Sungje - My Love - With Park Gyuri, Soundtrack for Daemul - White - Jiyoung, Suzy, Sulli, Sohyun, Krystal - Mermaid Princess - Mystic White - Jiyoung, Bora, Sunhwa, Gayoon, Lizzy Solo Work: - Wanna Do - Kang Jiyoung - KARA Solo Collection - Rainbow Rose - Kang Jiyoung - Rainbow Rose OST Notable Endorsements: - Karaya Endorsement with Gyuri & Hara - Nature Republic CF with Gyuri & Hara - Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine Appearance with Hara - High Cut Magazine Appearance - Dazed & Confused Korea Magazine Appearance - UnionBay Endorsement with Seungyeon - Campus 10 Magazine Appearance - Instyle Magazine Appearance - Arena Homme Magazine Appearance More About JiYoung: - Cousin of NS Yoon-G - Youngest of 3 sisters - Her Audition Song: Kissing You - SNSD - Best friends with Sulli from f(x) - Favorite clothing items are Specialty T-shirts and one color sneakers - Loves Ice Cream and Snacks - Released a Self Photobook in Japan (2015) Sample Pictures: HERE
  7. awwww her little dog is so cute and her house is so pretty...its so chic and stylish
  8. its basically the banner pic from the ecorre website, but with no text... ehehe
  9. I made one for jiyoung... so here's one for the goddess It is super random... but fun? well i think so anyway haha well anyways, yes this can be the place to post anything fashion-esque... lets have fun haha I know the wonderful jijiiiiiii has already posted a thread about our fave guri hairstyles... but this is different
  10. i was bored... and when i saw these ayumi hamasaki pics, for some reason i thought of nicole.. haha, they're not that good...but please be nice lol
  11. awww yayyyy another 1D fan XD

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    Will update with the rest when i have time edit:
  13. Happy Easter Greetings

  14. credit: sstp website

  16. awww :) not much really, relaxing until school starts up again, im going on holiday tomorrow.. so i probably wont get to speak until i get back :( hope all has been well with youuuu XD

  17. i guess we can combine the discussion into one thread? after watching bits of Sweet Girl... soooo sad that Hara was so close to winning, but it was so awesome that both Hara and Jiyoung made it to the final round yay and Seungyeon on Shall We Dance, sooooo good i was so shocked at her partner though, he looked so young.. haha oh and naver real time... Hara at 7 and Kara - Nobody at 6 ... seems like netizens are really looking forward to the performance i really really do hope the girls will win their round, i think they are round 4 or something against Jewelry
  18. haha that was funny kim :) and thanks for the greeting, a belated merry christmas to you and hoping you will have a great new years XD

  19. no i wouldnt say so, i imagine it to be pretty much the same as over there? but with less people?

  20. omg yayy... ahhh so lucky, i wish we had black friday here lol

  21. any black friday bargains?