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  1. I saw your post about Nicole and Aya Ueto. So someone has seen it.

  2. I like the Lupin one. It has the better background in my opinion. No blank solid colored wall ya know? Then again, it might just be me liking ladies in black =/.
  3. I think MR should be the first video people should show to their friends when introducing KARA. Before you know it, everyone will be doing the butt dance lol. Lol, you need to convert them to KAMILIA some how! You can't just be content with the song being nice and girls being pretty. You should be content when they start doing the circular butt dance XD.
  4. In all honesty, I think I would take Hara farming. I would randomly go choose a farm place and have her teach me lol. I doubt she'll like it but it's a way to impress her right? I have 0 experience in farming (except in Harvest Moon XD) but who knows, I might get lucky like the guy that came back to the show for her lol.
  5. Wait wait wait, What!? Vita!? Must google! Though it kinda sucks to find out that the STEP doesn't have the "LA LA LA" part. I wanted to teach some of the girls at the arcade how to do that dance.
  6. Hope he doesn't end up like me.I was a Anime and Japanese fan until I recently got back into Kpop. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't read Japanese Romanization words as well because I kept on pronouncing it like the Korean language. Not just that, I'm still going to attend Anime Expo in LA CA USA and go to the karaoke but I think i'm gonna be singing Kpop more.
  7. I really really really want Hara to get the license to drive farm vehicles. I was scared she was going to cry and show tears when she found out she didn't pass. She studied so hard too! Man, those test must've been beyond impossible.
  8. Seriously! Who would've thought the overall belts would be the key to making the dance that much better.
  9. Well someone deleted my thread, I dunno why because it was about Kara going to be on running man soon. allkpop made an article where netizens took photos of a running man recording on 4/24/12. Seungyeon and Gyuri are going to be casted alongside Miss A and 4minute members I believe.
  10. http://www.allkpop.com/2012/04/members-of-kara-fx-4minute-and-miss-a-spotted-filming-for-running-man I can't wait to see this episode. Seungyeon looks so pretty in her dress and it's nice to see her having fun and smiling brightly! And she's with the MC of all MCs Yoo Jae Suk!
  11. I've recently read that the beautiful legend Hyori has a boyfriend and she recently spoke about how her mother shed a tear because her mother didn't approve of Hyori's boyfriend because he was ugly. Also a lot of people said that he's ugly too and Hyori is upset about it. She says if you look at him, he is really handsome. In my eyes, our world just became a little brighter. To see someone as beautiful as Lee Hyori, who's ever so popular and doesn't need much, went for a guy that looked like that. For me, I have very low self esteem but to see that, it makes me think, perhaps I may have a chance in life. Lol Anyways, to stay on topic, what types of guys do you think the members of Kara would go for? Not to be mean or anything but from Invincible Youth, it seemed like Hara was interested in cute attractive guys. I mean, they brought gag men but that one dude who came with Shindong, it kinda showed it. But I dunno, the guys that helped the rice, I guess it was her being herself and being nice so I really don't know if she is that type or not. Perhaps they do tell it somewhere like on Strong Heart but I'll know when I get to 40 post and watch all the videos so I can know more about the girls.
  12. Sweet Melodix's account on youtube was terminated =(
  13. Hey hey, I call dibs on her. Her dorkyness and mine would be over the top. Anyone else would be in a uncomfortable situation like Hara and Jiyeon of After School. Lol j/k
  14. Pshhh, you guys are lucky to have friends or people that you know or get to talk to in person that loves Kpop. That'd be a great conversation to talk about Kpop music and news but nope, none that I know of. Bleh
  15. I'm no dancer but I seriously looked into this. Just singing along, I believe it's... Listen to the constant bass, that's your beat. Every time your hips swings and stops at the sides, the beat hits. It never hits when your hips is around the center. 1(bass beat), 2, 3(bass beat), 4, 5(bass beat), 6 Do(bass beat) It! ( 1st "LA" you have your hips pop to the left while you make your right shoulder directed towards the right. 2nd La should be in the center. 3rd La should have your hips to the right while your left shoulder is now directed towards the left. 4th La should be in the center. 5th La should be like the first pop. 6th La should be the center. (Silent La) there's no singing, the song stops for a second but your hips should be to the right and your shoulders back to the left. 7th La should be like the first (by now, you should have your motion already of your hips and upper body going opposite directions.) 8th La is Center 9th La is the same as 3rd. 10th should be center. 11th should be the same as 7th. Now comes the tricky part. 12th La should be center There's the pause here but there comes the whip where you whip your hips to the left but bring it back to the right before the next few LA's starts. Kinda like, switching positions to the opposite side quickly but make the hip smack or whip to the side and also raise your right arm with fist enclosed. Make sure you punch the sky at the same time your hips whip to the side and bring your arm back down. 13th La should be coming but by this time, you should be back to having your hips sway to the right. (Yes, 13 and 14's LA ends with the hips to the right and the left shoulder directed towards the left.) 14th LA should be center. 15th La should be the same as the 7th 16th La should be center. 17th La should be the same as the 14th. 18th La should be center. Now ends the la or like Invincible Youth, star the "1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! DO IT!" and repeat lol. Hope that isn't confusing, just watch the video along with it if you got it.