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  1. I would say yes. Japan releases usually have at least 2 version of the single/album release. One is CD only, and the other usually includes the DVD with the MV and the Making Of, and additional performances. A good marketing technique is to have a bonus song(s) to make an exclusive 3rd version of the release. Then you can have an exclusive 4th version with a photobook and poster. Then you can have solo member covers to milk more money (Thank You Summer Love). Those are some ideas how Japan-industry having such high sales and why so many people want to go to Japan to have releases cause they simply just make money from physical releases.
  2. Her twitter didn't have to go . She could have just left it open but kept on updating her instagram instead (and leaving her twitter dead but, open).
  3. I prefer the "Speed Up" style more than "Electric Boy" style Cant wait!
  4. First day Oricon sales comes out on Wednesday, so to get the best weekly results (I would say), they always release it on the Wednesday/Tuesday.
  5. Not sure if i posted in this thread before. But I really prefer her with short hair. Like the hair she had in Speed Up music video.
  6. Is the DVD recording the same performance as the WOWOW broadcasted performance?
  7. I like it. Ji Young changed her hair! I quite like her brown+short hair. Wonder if it's a wig or not..
  8. Hopefully this will be broadcasted. I want to see Leessang's part as well!
  9. Dam, I'm a bit late viewing this thread too. Nonetheless, I'm sure it is still a great performance
  10. No matter how much I watch the Lupin's performance, i still love the choreography. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Even though it was a short appearance, i've enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing! They all look cute in this video, and the guy is lucky!
  12. I watched majority of the clips as if i really understood Japanese. On a side note, thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the backstage it it:)
  13. She looks very cute whenever she wears a hat. Good compilation of pictures of her wearing hats! Thanks~!
  14. Is it me only or did the pictures not load? Pretty old thread in general so it's expected :S