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  1. hey sup! sorry for the late reply! i'm actually a uploader. i was going to get them to change it but i guess it's ok cuz i do speak mandarin and i am fluent in it, so i do help out with the mandarin subs sometimes i guess .___. honestly ihavent been very active at all recently cuz i've been so busy but yeah ...

  2. wheres my texttt. and aww that's unfortunate :( are you on the way for me to LA? maybe i'll stop by :D

  3. okie ^-^ thanks~ hope to hear from you soon:P

  4. im going to be in la by the end of the week - -

  5. fine lets tinychat! no download required :D

  6. add me no skype: niggaprease

  7. haha we should skype :o

  8. haha really? :P i AM going to be going down in about ... 5 days!

  9. you should you sould you should!!!

  10. haha liverpool? lolol i was about to say MAN U FTWWWW :D :D :D i mean ik they lost to man c but rooney wasn't in his top shape that game ... :P

  11. WAHHHH IKR?/? but wait i stil might be going down to LA to visit some friends at ucla ... do you know the korean town around there well? TAKE mE PlOXXX

  12. ah!~ whats ur favorite sport? are yo ukeeping up witht he olympics?

  13. u dont? :o

    that's amazing :P i wish i could be liike u. what else do u do?

  14. haha, perhaps ;P

    how u been? the concert that i can't go to is almost here :(((

  15. So ... Kakashi can breathe fire without burning his mask ...

  16. haha yeah u do that. YOU SHOULD POST IN THE DIARY :D:D:D

  17. haha heres the thing: i don't get to meet them cuz i'm not going after all .. it's too expensive

  18. havent heard from you in a while :o

  19. ahhh u live in la? so jelllY!!! they got so many korean things down there T____T what other things are you into? :D

  20. haha forgot the link:

  21. haha forgot the link: