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  1. Name: Cameron Country: United States Message: Hey there, Seungyeon. I hope that you'll have an amazing birthday and I really am hoping that you'll have more amazing ones for many years to come. And by the way, continue being that sexy woman you really are right now
  2. Hara is so sexy and so gorgeous. And since my now former bias, Nicole, is no longer in KARA, i'm going to start liking Hara a whole lot. I mean this in a positive way of course because I am beginning to start liking Hara more and more and more. I won't ever stop going crazy about Hara from now on
  3. Hey there everybody. I have decided to start a fun and extremely harmless conversation about Seungyeon's butt that is super duper beautiful. If you wanna spazz as much as you want about Seungyeon's beautiful butt, feel free to show your love for her ultimately gorgeous butt. And of course don't get sexual about it because no sexual and X-rated thoughts are allowed here. So let's get the spazzing started and have fun while doing it
  4. Hello there, Kamilias, once again. I haven't made any threads in quite a while so i'm here today to ask all of you which one of the four KARA members do you believe that has the most beautiful butt in the group, a butt that is so beautiful and so pretty just like the girls themeselves. Feel free to vote on my poll and share your thoughts on who do you think that has the most beautiful butt in KARA. And of course try your best not to be sexually explicit about the girls. Let's get the conversation started
  5. I absolutely love Nicole's sexy dance moves. I absolutely hope that she will show it off to her fans soon and I know that they will love it the moment they see it
  6. I absolutely love Nicole's brand new short blonde hair. It suits Nicole pretty well and i'm pretty sure that all of the Japanese Kamilias will love it too when she shows it off for the first time at the girls' fan meeting on the 23rd
  7. All that I can say is Hara is absolutely beautiful as always. Although she's in ninth place, I always believe that she's pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, cute and especially adorable
  8. It's absolutely such an amazing theme for a fan meeting. I know that the Japanese fans will absolutely enjoy it and have a lot of fun with the girls too. It sure will be the best fan meeting ever
  9. I am totally satisfied with the ranking of Hara because I can't be mad at everyone putting her in sixth place. I always know that Hara is forever beautiful. And I know that she needs a new boyfriend, like me of course
  10. I really like Nicole's brand new look because I already know that it's been a while since she previously had short hair during the "Wanna" and "Jumping" eras. I absolutely can get used to her new cute hair do
  11. I'm happy for the girls being chosen for the brand because I know that the girls are a very amazing fit and they are very perfect endorsement models. I'm looking forward to seeing more promotional pics of the girls
  12. I'm glad Hara's doing better than before and I know that she really should get plenty more rest over the next couple of days. We all know that her health comes first at this moment so we shall continue to wait patiently for Hara as she regains her energy and strength because we can understand that Hara can't do her activities while she's in pain. And on top of that, we should know that the members doing their individual activities doesn't mean that this is the end of KARA because the girls will continue to stay together for many years to come.
  13. I am absolutely hoping that KARA says yes to the offer and then make preparations to make a European advancement right away. I know that they are currently on hiatus right now so this is a good time to accept the offer and make preparations to advance to the European music market. And I absolutely want KARA to advance to the American music market because I am really confident that everyone across the United States won't have a problem accepting KARA and i'm so sure that they will enjoy singing and dancing along to their songs too. So, I absolutely want the girls to accept the offer and go global this time around. And if KARA chooses to stay in the Asian music market, well, that's OK with me because I will still support the girls if they decide to continue releasing music in the Asian music market. So, I will wait patiently to see if the girls are going to go global or just stay in the Asian music market. And I want the girls to know that I will continue supporting them either way
  14. I'm happy to hear that Hara's surgery went pretty well and I know that she is now resting up so that she can be back to pretty great health once again because of course, at this very moment, Hara's health is much more important than anything else. So, it looks like that Hara will go to Japan and do some recording studio work once she is fully healed as quickly as possible. I shall wait for Hara's full recovery patiently
  15. This is one very strong reason why I love KARA. They really manage to share the spotlight and share the fanbase as well. No matter what happens between the five girls, the girls will continue to stick together forever and get through the good times and bad times together. That's what KARA does