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  1. According to a poll that was conducted by a cosmetics surgery hospital in Seoul, results showed that out of the 781 netizens who participated, 348 (44.5%) voted for Seohyun as the �girl group member who shows the best natural beauty�. A representative of the cosmetic surgery hospital explained, �First place taker SNSD�s Seohyun has a friendly face. Her natural beauty results from her confidence and ability to showcase her strong points.� Other girl group members who ranked in the top three were KARA�s Han Seung Yeon (210 votes, 28%), and 2NE1�s Sandara Park (189 votes, 24.1%). CREDIT: ALLKPOP
  2. Spazz

    I always knew our Seungyeon was a smartie!!~ I love her dance in Run the World...she really needs to show off her sexy dance moves more often <3
  3. Seungyeon's younger days : She was such a pretty kid! She looks the same!!! A natural beauty http://i46.tinypic.com/nf1nc0.jpg Hahaha even as a baby she smiled widely and heartily!!! Even now she's still so smiley!!!
  4. Seungyeon wants to play w/ the bunny too : She looks so happy holding the two bunnies: When a hamster meets a bunny:
  5. OMG...love Queen Seungyeon!!! She looks fabulous with her new hair and I am loving their new concept
  6. Seungyeon's acting improved tremendously!!! I am happy for her that her hard work has paid off. I like her role because it shows a different side to her that we have not seen before
  7. I know...I truly was disappointed >.< Where is my hammie?!?!?!
  8. Spazz

    i'm excited another OST for Seungyeon
  9. I think Nicole and Seungyeon would be an awesome pair since they are really close and are very versatile. Nicole and Seungyeon have a deeper understanding of each other and they are more secretive about their close bonds. I think they can pull off something fierce/R&B style and even beautiful ballads. They are both born to perform so I am really excited to see what style they will be experimenting.
  10. This is from Kara bakery! Here is Seungyeon's bread the "Choco Cream Bread" Nicole & Hara http://www.karaholic.com/forums//index.php...c=4965&st=0
  11. Seungyeon showed her love for the hamster family. She was so cute and funny..."Why are you afraid of the rat...its actually cute." Aww the other members were so afraid. In the korean websites they are like awwww no wonder she's called Hammie!
  12. Album

    Hey Kamilias please try to order from http://kpopmart.com/product.php?id_product=2349 because kpopmart.com is included in the hanteo chart for Kara's ranking in music awards!!! Yesasia's purchases are not included in the hanteo chart.
  13. Album

    All the teasers have been released!!! Please watch, like, and support The music sounds omg...I'm just getting too excited. The girls look so beautiful and mature!!! Seungyeon's Teaser uploaded 8/17/2012: Nicole's Teaser uploaded 8/16/2012: Gyuri's Teaser uploaded 8/15/2012: Hara's Teaser uploaded 8/14/2012: Jiyoung's Teaser uploaded 8/13/2012:
  14. Album

    Hara Goo is just rocking the new look and is oozing with the sexy/chic vibe!!! Jiyoung gives off the mature and grown up vibe. I am loving the teasers so far!!! I want to see the other members soon!!! DSP did a fabulous job so far w/ the look of the MV, the teasers are great, music from the teaser sounds awesome!!!!!
  15. Spazz

    Omg Seungyeon looks adorable!!!~ I love her dress, hair, and makeup for the MC at Dream Concert. Even though Seungyeon is oldest among the 88 lines, she still looks like a cute young princess next to Siwan and Taecyeon. I felt bad for Hammie because she had to walk around w/ killer heels >.<
  16. I know ideal type wise and people that openly admitted on TV were- Chundoong, BBomb, Leeteuk, Yesung, Dongwan, Chris (ex-member of Battle), Woohyun, and Eunhyuk (said it on radio show to tease Gyuri and on idol show he wanted to switch from being partnered w/ Hara to Seungyeon). Others- Kim Jinho (SG wannabe), Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sangyul, Sung Sibaek (famous skater), Lee Taesung (actor), Wang Biho Dating rumors/fan accounts stating Seungyeon's closeness to other male entertainers are- Onew, Chansung, Hongki, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Lee Seungki, and Taecyeon. Seungyeon's follower and the one that tried to contact her the mysterious "K". (still d/n know who it was) Youngsaeng and Hara both had two male entertainers that wanted to hook up w/ Seungyeon through their help. These are the ones I know for sure and the dating rumors take w/ a grain of salt. I think Seungyeon is popular among male actors/singers. Lately more idols are admitting their interest in her instead of secretly admiring her. HAHA. Out of everyone Seungyeon had the most rumors w/ Onew, Yesung, and Woohyun about either dating secretly or being close. HAHA. I notice a trend of many male idols who are either main vocals/lead vocals going for Seungyeon.
  17. Spazz

    @ niyameonk- I don't think she's underrated at all. Maybe internationally but in Japan she's the 2nd most popular member and in Korea she's the most popular member. She has the most fansites and most members in her fanclub that's around 24,000 and on amebo japan fansite Seungyeon is the 2nd most popular. I think just internationally she's not as well known as Nicole or Hara but Seungyeon is always ranked up pretty high in terms of popularity. I'm loving Seungyeon's hair lately...so pretty and sexy at the same time. I hope DSP gives Seungyeon more opportunities to perform some power ballads because songs like Guilty and Because of love really fits her voice <3
  18. Spazz

    OMG the clips of Hammie and the dog is so cute. I knew she was good at speaking English. It's a very rare occasion I am loving the Union Bay modeling pictures!!!
  19. There was a poll for the best girl idol star that looks the best in traditional Korean outfit Hanbok! Our hammie got chosen in 5th place with about 17% vote and Hara was picked in 10th place with 13% votes. Here's the poll info: 1st - SNSD Yoona- 48.7% 2nd- SNSD Taeyeon- 32.7% 3rd- Sung Yuri- 28% 4th- SES Yoojin- 18% 5th- Kara Seungyeon (our hammie)- 17% I skipped the rest of the stars and... 10th- Kara Goo Hara- 13% I got the info on Korean Yahoo News here: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...;newssetid=1352 Seungyeon in Hanbok: Seungyeon in Fushion Hanbok for Pretty girl!!! Ham looking adorable with her cute blueish hanbok! Seungyeon looking elegant in her princess type hanbok. She looks like she could be in one of those traditional korean dramas. The hanbok suits her pretty well All the kara members in Hanbok!!
  20. Spazz

    I have a good impression of him too and if its true I am happy because crazy fan girls won't attack Seungyeon just because they are on a show together trying to get to know each other I am excited to see this.
  21. Spazz

    Update for Seungyeon lovers! I was on the korean news website and the highest candidate for Seungyeon's partner in pit a pat shake is the actor "Taesung Lee". He's known for variety of dramas and movies he did in Korea. If its true I am excited because Seungyeon never had interactions with him before. I was kind of hoping for her to be paired up with an actor or an idol she has not had many interactions with because they can start fresh and get to know each other gradually. Please take this news and rumor with a grain of salt b/c nothing has been officially confirmed but many fan accounts and web news had stated the most possible candidate is Taesung Lee. Here's how he looks like for those who are curious: [hide] [/hide]
  22. The magician thought Seungyeon was really pretty and was like "She's perfect. I want to know when she has time off her schedule.": After completing the magic show w/ success: Seungyeon helping the Korean magician by shaking the batteries: Seungyeon tearing up after hearing the story of the girl trying to lose weight despite her disease. Seungyeon was crying because she was going through so much pain. Seungyeon seemed like a caring unni/very mother-like: BONUS: Seungyeon's curious look! credit: Kara-t
  23. I love this song and ballad. It's perfect for Seungyeon and her voice is so full of emotion. I have been replaying this song everyday because I love it so much
  24. haha I guess a lot of guys want to spend time with Seungyeon on dates watching spring flowers!!! They were saying her eye smiles will make everyone smile
  25. Spazz

    I'm so happy Seungyeon got to sing a song for warrior baek dong soo. I like the drama and I think the song matches her voice perfectly. I love it when Seungyeon sings ballads w/ her calming and soothing voice. Kyaaa..I'm so happy Seungyeon is more active in the entertainment business this fall I love the OST