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  1. Here you go, let the awesomeness take your breath away~ the girls performed "Mamma Mia", "Step", and also their soon-to-be-released track "Cupid" in this event. credit to: hara goo @ youtube channel
  2. B2M, as expected home of Lee Hyo Ri, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Eric Nam, and Spica~ ugh, this feelings... hold it in, hold it in~ i've ever read someone's post that B2M is just like ex-DSP already. well, cannot agree more with that (- -)d hope all goes well and i wish Nicole and the agency good luck!
  3. Hit the lights, let's go~

  4. Jigoku Sensei Nube!! one of my fave manga since i was young did not see this one coming, such happy news~ JiYoung as Yukime... then i wonder who will be Nube and Tamamo, hmm... anyway, much anticipation for this project, hope all goes well
  5. just woke up after a short nap when i decided to open karaholic and read this thread... totally forgot that i'm the one who started this thread! well, that's just shows how inactive i am when it comes to posting xD putting that aside... i also worrying about the outcome of changing producer, since the fear of unknown is inevitable to me, but yeah... i started to feel silly for worrying about that the moment i put my earphone listening to those tracks, i'm in heaven~ okay, a bit overt maybe (- -) but you guys got the point right? well, pretty much everything that i want to say already being stated by you guys, and that's just how like-minded and united we are as a fan *aww and about Sweetune, they seems so "discreet" this 2014. i don't know, maybe it's just me aside from Stellar's "Marionette" and "Mask" (which is a fine track, despite having "such" MV) and Infinite's "Last Romeo", i don't think i can found another works of them in this year. hmm... mind to enlighten all of us here, anyone?
  6. finally! my inside is tickling already, haha xD when the news about Duble Sidekick as the new producer came out, i was like, "o...kay... not with Sweetune this time, but they need new sound so let's just see what happens~" and suddenly i remember, during KARA conflicts, the Sweetune duo ever said that they won't work together with KARA if they are not 5, i forgot the source already, but yeah... i hope they are still in good terms with each other. let's kick the negativity away that aside,i think 1 month will feels like a long way to go...
  7. not with Sweetune this time...? piece of my heart were torn the moment i read this well, let's just see what happens. wish the girls all the best
  8. okay, so our JunHara ships still sails in peace thanks for the info, our Yang Panda ~ ...now how about you and our goddess Gyuri nuna? *SeungRi shipper mode on *
  9. let's add this up on my Sticky Note... *typing* here you go <3 at first my thought was like, "why not Seungho?" know what i mean? ;D but now i put my thumbs up for this b()d and gladly let my Seung-Ri ships sinks away *sob*
  10. ... if i smell a scent of newborn Kamilia here *sniff* oh dear, i just want to shove miles of list to their brain right now or should i give an all-day long story about Kamilia and KARA? but since i'll scare them away by doing, so i'm not gonna do it What a nice thread you have, let's see... i'll try to answer some of the "basic" question that are already stated above: 1. What Song Would You Hear First? 2. What MV Should I See First? 3. What to know? What Variety Show That Should Been Watched First? I already spit a lot of my saliva here, haha... if you want to ask something or just need a friend, just send me a message, i'll try my best to reply it... bye~ *vanish*
  11. Okay, so i just found a nice article from seoulbeats.com and i choosed to share it here so we could discuss it together and share what we know... the article is quite long so bear with it Exploring Freelance Hit-makers: Sweetune Written by Fatouma On November 9, 2012 seoulbeats.com/2012/11/exploring-freelance-hit-makers-sweetune/ just in case if you want to read it here...
  12. New voter here~ i choose Wanna! the way i see it, Wanna is the borderline between the "cutesy" and "soft" to the "cheeky" and "mature" ones... I'd like to Nominate Rider, Strawberry, and Secret World for the next one. just love it... (Is it too much? )
  13. i'm agree with most of reply, "Ignore It". cannot agree more, since by replying it you have just shown that you are doing what are they doing, bash and bash... and in our 7 golden rules, we are not allowed to bash people right? no offense, i just puke my mind out and about @myasally post along the news... it's quite marvelous to see how down could they get, but as the other said... just ignore it~
  14. FAQ

    i just re-read this topic and it reminds me that respect is the most important thing, whether it's towards our KARA members, another forum-ers or another groups and fandoms in particular... soory if this is OOT, but this respect thing just bugging me...
  15. hi, i'm posting this thread 'cuz i want to know their vocal range. many other artist already have been made by some people. such as for male artist, there's a vid that made documentation of TVXQ's Changmin and MBLAQ's G.O, which put me in awe (more than 3 octaves!). if there's somebody that are expert in this area maybe you could lend us a hand, as i believe many of us are curious about this... correct me if i wrong, and feel free to drop your comment here thanks