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  1. I get needing a certificate (CDL) for the tractor but why would she need something to drive the 'rice planter'? I wonder if her test for the tractor certificate was anything like the test/games she did in the episode of Invincible Youth, it would be kind of funny if it was though. Thanks for posting/translating the article for us.
  2. I'm not really surprised. I had a feeling the introduction to all of the farming equipment, except for that tinker toy looking thing Hyo Min and Hara rode in during episode 21 of Invincible Youth was meant as a "crash course" in farming. I just find it kind of funny that things like this need a certificate (like a drivers license or motorcycle license) in order for someone to operate them. I'm looking forward to see just how well she does on the exam.
  3. It's a rather common practice, that is turning to food when one is stressed. So her or anyone else for that matter doing it really shouldn't be ridiculed. It would be nice even as the leader to see that she can and will turn to her members for support instead of doing such things but as the report states she's human and the need to just "veg" is normal.
  4. I have to wonder with a tune like that how it would sound on a pipe organ (true pipe organ and not a synthesized one that comes with some digital pianos).
  5. Good to see the girls have yet another outlet to reach their fan base. For the lucky few who've received personal replies/replies from the girls in general...you lucky
  6. Am I the only one who looks forward to Hara's immature jokes? As childish as they are at time they, the jokes, can't help but laugh.
  7. I believe episode 1 is scheduled to air on 25 December.
  8. I think she's been spending too much time with Shin Young (gag woman). She definitely has a lot of these moments on the show it nice to see her not taking it too seriously and just having fun with it all.
  9. Looking forward to seeing the pilot episode hopefully they'll bring back some of the more popular X-Man games and add a little spice and excitement to this new show.
  10. Regardless if she's intending on becoming a veterinarian if she's willing to commit to taking on the work (i.e., school as many have commented) she should take it seriously. From the first episode she has been struggling with her acceptance and her role as a student (to some degree) we can all sympathize with her because we've all been students and had our bad/off days. She should know better. With regard to her image I, like many of you, would like to think it's all a ploy by the producers to help ratings, etc. but do you think Nicole would jeopardize her image without thinking about the possible outcomes not only for herself but for the other members of the group? We're not entirely sure she was drinking as neither the report nor the episode clearly show definitive proof of such behavior it for now is only speculative. As I have not yet watched the fourth episode is there a preview of episode five? Does such behavior continue from episode four or does it show her buckling down on her school work or is it a combination of the two?
  11. I'd agree with most of you regarding Hara (CF / Fashion Model - I hate to admit it but she has the look everyone seems to love in a fashion model) and Nicole (TV personality since her stint on SGB was highly praised but I'm not really sure if she can survive on a regular non-SGB type variety show with her difficulties (Korean language)). If any of them branch out into acting I'd hope they consider their inexperience and consider a low level part / cameo to test the water before diving head first into the acting ocean. As for singing they could all do minor solo projects/duets but I'd rather they not for the time being. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Japanese market reacts to them. I don't have high expectations since the Japanese market is saturated with girl groups / solo singers and the girls (I hate to say it) don't really stand out in that market but I guess it all depends on what kind of marketing strategy they have planned for them once they touch down in Japan.
  12. May be I'm a little silly in my understanding of the situation, but didn't the people in charge of this little fiasco realize the hoard (or legion) of hormonally unbalanced male fans would flog any and all kinds of communication channels to get access (or simply a glimpse) of their idols? I'm surprised the PD, etc. aren't asking for blood sample, finger print analysis, detailed criminal background check and your first born...then again that can always be added as a prerequisite for employment (emphasis on the first born).
  13. Chances are they (the "boys") won't be working as bakers but as front end personnel (at the cash register and/or clean up). I hope the girls hire some actual bakers with experience and not simply do the work themselves. Chances are the applicants looks will play a major factor in their acceptance since they're going to appearing on television and we all know how true to life television can be.
  14. It seems like the consensus is that her waste is a tad small to be considered healthy. What's important is that she stays healthy and doesn't lose any additional weight.
  15. At present it's Wanna, Mister, and Take A Bow (in that order).