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  1. Gyul biased here! but well let's be honest being able to kiss anyone of them even if it's not your bias it's alr like
  2. i think you need 10 posts first

  3. wow just came across this picture hahah. she looks so cute >< anyone who dates her is so lucky TT
  4. I'll try out using just one word for each! Okay nevermind it's hard to put one word for all ): She's perfect Essential (in KARA and Kamilia, that is) Unique Nothing better than her Great in all ways You have absolutely no reason to anti her Even if you do, that's just too bad for you One of a kind Never leaving Kamilia's minds Sigh should have improved my vocabulary then I can put one word for each TT
  5. it's so funny XD I really love this song, but now i think i'd pretty much laugh most of the time i hear it
  6. I LOL-ed at the SGB one. Gyuri forever needs to explain candy LOL. ham's english is much better than I expected ^^
  7. Hahah, she must be very hungry all the time. She's so cute with her mouth full of food. I'm hungry now :>
  8. i'll wait for subs. so handicap at Korean TT I keep telling myself I must self-learn Korean after my exams, lol
  9. well she didn't have to, I'd love her as much >< but well, she's so pretty and sexy in those photos.
  10. well, it's hard to not look at the mirror since she's so pretty and perfect XD it's good she's proud of her looks
  11. Doubt they have the time for anything else, but I really hope to see them on Hello Baby and Weekly Idol ><
  12. I missed it TT got into KARA too late :/ WHY OH WHY DID I NOT SPOT KARA EARLIER D: but anyway, even if i were into KARA then, my parents wouldnt have allowed ):
  13. I voted for gyuri ! Partially because she's my bias, but thinking about it, wouldn't it be interesting to have our dear goddess on WGM? (I think the hubby will suffer under our goddess's witty comments hehehe)
  14. I'm not sure about their vocal range, but I love their voice especially Gyuri's and Seungyeon's. There's just something really special about it
  15. surely gonna dig it out and watch after my exams! i love seeing idols' daily life, it really shows a lot about them ^^
  16. i really wanna buy.. seems like my wallet is gonna be empty for a very long time at this rate .__. I really love this song <3
  17. i've seen the one sooyoung imitated her, since i liked SNSD first. I found nicole so cute >< how does she clap so fast lol
  18. she's so friendly ^^ she seems to treat everyone as a friend, i bet everyone would like a friend like her too!
  19. i ignore them. gyuri's 'arrogance' can indeed be looked upon negatively, but thats only if you dont really love her. i think that she's actually a sweet girl >< i rmb in one of the SGB shows Kahi said she asked Gyuri if she was really like that in real life, then Gyuri replied "unnie, if i were really like that in real life, i'd be crazy" or sth like that. this proves its just an on-stage or on-show appearance (though i love it ), hence idk why people will hate her because of that. she has a goddess side anyway, even without being on stage.
  20. Well it's good she got what she wanted I'll be looking forward to this single for sure. I normally prefer korean than japanese songs though, but i'm sure i'll like this looking at the concept and all
  21. Hi, I have seen many websites dedicated to KARA (individual or 5) outside of this forum, but I wonder if there's any pairing ones lying around since I can't find any? There's some interactions I really love between KARA (pairings in them) or KARA with another band.
  22. I wonder why people always judge just according to on-stage character. Idols not only work on stage, off stage is something we all do not know. Gyuri is definitely my role model
  23. hahah whatever she says are funny she's really not lacking in any area! how can anyone be so perfect??
  24. She's gorgeous. Hara was actually the first one whom I knew of first in KARA, but soon Gyuri caught me eye too I love her voice and everything, she's just so perfect.