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  1. can you pass by my home and make ramen for me?
  2. she's the reall wonderwoman yoooooooooo
  3. damn cute. dunno what to say anymnore
  4. 91liners are the best combination in kpop friendlist
  5. well... she deserve it.. she has all of them even tho therre are still some lack
  6. hahahhaha i wonder who makes her frustrate the most
  7. her rap part in secret world is really addictive. i keep repeating it even tho i bite my tounge
  8. i'm already out. cause i'm younger. i'm pretty sad here T___T
  9. cool, hot, sexy, full of charisma... she have alll of them god...
  10. what kind of skin treatment she did? oh i'm curious yeaaaah
  11. if i were a girl and if i have much money i'll definitely buy all of this cloth