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  1. Yeah been busy so no time to oogle things, just buy them. We haven't even opened Cole's album set and it came in like weeks ago. Still in the brown box...
  2. Don't see why this is awkward at all considering they met up after Cole left to do stuff with their dogs, it was all over their instagram...
  3. The wife is jelly, where did you get those lol...
  4. Just droppin by to say hi to u and emma unnie and baby kamilia! Merry Christmas! ♡ -Jappy

    1. wtimes3


      Baby Kamilia probably spit up on you so don't get that close...

    2. Jappy


      Hahahaha cute, Happy New Year too!

  5. Also of note, her 2016 Calendar is now available, it releases around Oct 17th.
  6. Should message Emma about it, I believe she has some extra copies.
  7. @serendi Ours has also arrived but since we rarely open our merchandise I'm afraid we can't help you much. My guess would be the photocards will be contained within the shrinkwrap of the photobook.
  8. You can easily rip that gogosummer if you wish so you can listen to it now. Ahhh to be that excited again...
  9. It's release date is within 7 days for most of the stores. As for the music, well that's all out there already.
  10. Ask Camille whenever she does that unboxing video ...