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  1. Hara, you gave us so many wonderful times watching your singing, dancing and appearances over nine years. I look forward to your future and hope to see sometimes your doing great solo songs, too. I will miss Kara, but it never was the same after Jiyoung and Nicole left.
  2. I am sorry to read this, but thank you for posting.
  3. I got hooked on Kara starting the first time I saw "Step" on TV. I had been a fan of Chinese/Taiwan pop since 1996, but the only Korean pop performer that I watched had been Park Jung Ah. Then one evening in, I think, 2011, I turned on my TV and by random luck it was already tuned into a Korean TV station that I had never seen or known about before, and playing was "Step". I couldn't believe it--it was so good, the colorful costumes and backgrounds were so great, and the girls were so lively and so beautiful, and the music was so catchy and great. It was after that when I discovered Karaholic and Kamilia. I have been very interested in following the lives and performances of Kara 5 and now Kara 4. Even though I just know screen names, I've really enjoyed the posts on Karaholic of so many members. I feel like I am getting to "know" many of them by their posts. So many nice people. I feel like I could become social friends in "real life" with any of the Kara performers. They seem so nice and so interesting. I await their new songs. I also watch other groups a lot; they have some really great songs (e.g. Girls' Generation Mr. Taxi and T-ara Roly Poly) and some of the girls in the other groups are totally beautiful (e.g., JiYeon and Hyomin in T-ara, and Park Cho Rong in A-Pink). But I have not followed any of them as closely as I follow the Kara girls--maybe mostly because I have followed them so much over the past four years, while I have much more recently become aware of the others.
  4. I hope they stay together, and of course have no idea about the contracts. I like all the Kara girls, and Kara was the group that got me into Kpop as a big fan. Now I follow many of the other groups as well. I loved watching the Baby Kara Project and was so glad when Young Ji was selected. I wish So Min had also been selected, and I am still really sad about So Jin. It's probably just me and not a reflection on any of Kara 4, but I haven't been excited about any of their songs after Nicole and Ji Young left. Instead, I miss the days of the energy and spectacular songs of Kara 5. Now it seems like most of the girls' activities are solo or in sub-groups or in TV shows or movies. I wait to see what will happen. It won't happen, but I wish that we kept all of Kara 4 and added back Ji Young and Nicole. It was suggested that we close this thread, due to the sensitive nature of the subject. I hope we keep this thread open or start some different thread, just for the purpose of following the news about what will happen to Kara. I also enjoy reading here or elsewhere about the feelings of Kara fans as to Kara present, past and future. I agree that we should not here or elsewhere just feed into the rumor mill on a subject that few if any of us know about.
  5. hey your birthday is only one day apart from me!

  6. My favorite three groups are Kara, Girls Generation, and T-ara. I'd love to see all three together sometime. Each group has some great songs that they are known for, and it would be fun to see all these together--especially if they all had fun by participating in the others' songs.
  7. My favorite youngji moment was when she found out she won the Baby Kara Project contest. And my favorite youngji moment during a dance was Mister in Japan during the Baby Kara Project.
  8. What a great situation to be in!!! I would be so happy with any of them, and might be influenced by the most recent beautiful, sexy, sweet photo that I saw. The choice is even harder when we bring the former Kara members into the mix. I suppose that I might pick first either Young Ji or Hara, but I bounce back and forth among the others, as well. Maybe I would spend more time studying what they look like with no makeup and trying to decide who is the most natural beauty. If I could understand Korean or Japanese, I'd have a better idea of their personality and intelligence. But for such stars, they are probably all great. I might pick a different date depending on my mood for the moment for fun, sex, intelligence, beauty, friendliness--I have no idea how I would end up. Actually, in the real world, I'd most likely select Seung Yeon or Nicole because they speak English. Or Ji Young if she speaks English. Or any of the others if they can speak English. Otherwise it would be a whole day of smiling and sign language. I can imagine a day with a casual meal and a long walk along a private beach, sitting and writing on the sand, talking, enjoying . . . angling for doing this on lots of days and not just one.
  9. I hope somebody translates the parts of the Limited Bluray/DVD edition where Kara members are talking to the audience, sometimes happy but with lots of emotion and tears. Those were cut out of the WOWOW edition translated by Sweet Melodix.
  10. Hara is really beautiful, and she has become the visual face of Kara. That's really special, because all the Kara girls are beautiful. I think she is becoming for Kara what Jiyeon is for T-ara. And Hara's life story is really compelling. At various times, anyone of the Kara girls has been my bias--including Nicole and Jiyoung. But increasingly I find myself looking especially at her during Kara performances. I also like that she seems to have befriended Youngji.
  11. Why do I like her so much? A picture is worth a thousand words--look again at red4summer's post number 14 on page 1 of this thread. The fourth picture (a moving gif file), that starts with his lead-in: "(very importantly) she has the body and can dance without a doubt,"
  12. My copy of Karasia 3d Japan Tour (2 DVD set --Limited First Printing through YesAsia--Universal Music) was from the final Japan tour performance, in Yokohama. It has different things than the translated version by Melodix on this site, which on the opening screen says WoWow. For example, I have about 10 minutes of talking to the audience from the stage on my edition, starting around 1:27:15. I didn't see that in our translated version with the English subtitles. I'd love to know what they were saying.
  13. I speak only English fluently, and know some French, Spanish, German and Mandarin. I know zero Japanese. If it were possible, I know even less Korean than Japanese. My granddaughter (this is aging me) and I listened to one Pimsleur CD of the first lesson of beginning Korean. It was so hard that we were both laughing to tears. The difference was that at the end of the lesson, she could repeat what she learned. I just kept laughing and learned only that the word order is about backwards from English, and it doesn't make any difference what order they are in because they are unpronounceable. I've studied Mandarin for about seven years only because I loved a female pop singer so much that I wanted to understand the songs that I was beginning to memorize in Chinese without having a clue what I was singing. If I were younger and could stop laughing, I would try Korean. I had a Korean student in my law school classes. He promised me that he could teach me the alphabet and sounds in 15 minutes. Little did he know the giant foreign language klutz that he was talking to. Maybe 15 months, or years. So . . . I loved my DVD of the Karasia 3rd Japan Tour. Of course, I understood all the songs sung in English. That's it. Nothing more except through their expressions and body language. And I really, really wanted to know what they were saying in the on-stage talking that they did. Gyuri was doing this alone one time and got emotional. Then, starting around1:27:00 they talked for a long time--maybe ten minutes--starting with YoungJi. They seemed to alternate smiling and laughter with seriousness and lots of emotion and tears. I am waiting to see a sub-title version of this. If I were young and single and just getting out of college--or doing time abroad while still in college--I would spend a lot of time in Asia. That's where there are so many beautiful girls who are smart and with great personalities. I probably would have gone over there and married one of them. So I can really enjoy watching each of the KARA girls in performances without understanding them But of course, I would much more like it if I did know both Japanese and Korean.
  14. I received my Karasia 3rd Japan Tour DVD this week and just finished watching the first of the two=DVD set today--the one containing the performance. I love it. All the girls are beautiful, and Hara especially seemed both incredibly beautiful and even more featured in the performance than before. My copy does not have any sub-titles, and I am waiting to finish the download to see what sub-titles our translators have added. I am particularly interested to find out what was said during the parts of the performance when the girls were talking. There was one of Gyuri where she started crying. Then starting around 1:27:00 the four girls--starting with YoungJi--each talked for a fairly long time. They alternated smiles and tears. I suppose they were talking about Kara's troubles and survival, but I don't understand any Japanese.