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  1. Oh, those fashion show pictures are great! Ear pictures are very very rare to find (with jawline from side/45 angle). But now I actually have enough reference to atleast start. I will post wip pictures when I have something ready. Thanks!
  2. Muscles seems very well toned, but seems like her bodyfat is little too low. But if she wants it like this, then I just admire her results. I really should get those pictures poster sized and put them to my wall for inspiration!
  3. She looks eloquent and mature, yes. And very beautiful. But, I like more cutie/neighbor girl type. But it really shows how versatile GHara is. <3
  4. Awww, she looks so adorable! Good fanserrvice is always good. <3
  5. Hi! I am actually a sculptor, not necessary very good or fast, but sculptor anyway. I was thinking of starting a set of sculptures of Kara. And because Hara was first one I fell in love (then Seung Yeon, then Gyu Ri and finally Nicole (heh, Ji Young maknae)), I should start from her. But in order to do proper sculptures, which would look alike, I would need good reference pictures. I would need picture from straight front, straight side (best would be to have one from the right and one from the left). Then hopefully from 45 degrees from side, from above and hopefully from below. And pictures of her ears. Side pictures also should show jaw line all the way to ear (so no hair in the way). Difficult thing is that if front picture smiles, then side pictures should smile too. So pictures of face (front and side) should have same king of expression.
  6. Wow, well toned dancer muscles! I really like! She has best kind of muscles, strong but slim when at rest. But shapely when tensioned. I was suprised when she carried Chun Hee in Idol Army.
  7. Congrats, girls! Hopefully your goal to come to europe is successfull! I could easily travel to random european city to watch you!
  8. Nicole "Does duck face look stupid?" R "Yes, but you make it work"
  9. I have done few facebook shares and actually made my mother hear Lupin. She was "ok, I guess". Most of my male friends are indifferent about kpop, but Mister works quite well. I have not made any fans out of them, but little by little.
  10. I first saw her (and knew who she were) in Kara Bakery. Of course I had seen some music videos from Kara, but she was just one of the girls (then I was mostly Korean Variety show fan and just learning about Kara). In Kara Bakery, she was not at her best. She only attended few times and did not do much. They tried to make some hidden camera on Nicole, but she was non-interested. So my first impression was: Just one of the girls. Quiet and meh. Now she is one of my favorites! I really learned to love her after watching more variety shows (Idol Army and Happy Family outing particular). Oh, and I did notice from the start that she have gorgeous body.
  11. Lets go with elimination. Not Hara or Jiyoung. Hara is doll and something to admire and worship, but she seems little too.. needy? Jiyoung is just too young. It would feel like robbing the cradle. I would like to be friends with both of them, even go to party or something. But not marry. Gyuri. Ooh, I am not worthy! She would need a god to stand beside her. If I would have met her when I was on my tweens I would like to date her or something. She is so gorgeous and witty. But I dont see me and her as a married couple. Seungyeon or Nicole. Could I have both? Maybe not. But either would make great wife. With Seungyeon my habit of being little unorganized could be a problem. She would likely think I am messy pig or something. But she has said many times that she is quiet person when at home. And she likes anime! We could have quiet evenings together. I could build miniatures and she could read or whatever she would like. With Nicole our home would be a mess. Both of us would be "comfortable livers"...She is very nice, so we would get along nicely. And just with gut feeling we would be good couple. I too like food. But even if I eat big I am not fat, I am farmer so my work is very hard and I keep in shape.
  12. Aaaw, poor Nicole looks horrified when she was woken up! I really love her refrigerator, full of chocolate! Her room reminds of mine. Did they replenish Seungyeons supply of booze and food?
  13. I really like well/nice muscled woman. Dancer body is more or less best anyone can ever get. Abs to die for.
  14. I watched Kara Bakery in Youtube and found this place. In video there were disclaimer "subbed by sweet melody karaholic.com". So here I am!
  15. Heh, being a man I really cant tell if someone is wearing little or no-makeup. Could someone post picture of Gyuri in which she does not have any makeup? My favoripe picture is the one from Kara Bakery. The toilet one. Oh, I would like to have that on my toilet door.