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  1. HAHA! Nicole is a perfectionist I can imagine her in the WHITE team *imagining........................... :gemhappy:
  2. It's noticeable that HAMMIE is popular in Japanese, Just go to the KARA LINE CAFE and you'll see lots lots of HAM! And oh! 2014 KARA BYE? NO NO NO.. Where is your source by the way? ‘However, the contract with Universal Music, Kara’s Japanese album label, was signed on August 2010, and is set to expire in August 2012. DSP Media and Universal Music, however, are holding positive discussions about renewing the contract.’‘About the contracts, all the members of Kara have at least two years left in their contracts with DSP Media’, it finished.The reason a large amount of attention is being paid to Kara’s contracts and its future is because the group previously met a disbandment crisis before. The group overcame after deciding that it would be better to stay together as it rose to hallyu star fame, but the members’ contracts with DSP Media were still under scrutiny because they were rumored to expire this year.As DSP Media has revealed that the members have at least two years left in their contracts, it seems Kara will definitely be working with its current agency for a while longer
  3. Couldn't be any better! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. LOL!!!! Why would you guys or the media take it seriously? it's just a game right? And oh yesssss!! Their comical expresssion wins it all <3
  5. They are ROLE MODEL for other Celebrity for sure! Low Profile, CUTE and knows how to handle it well Even though that i don't really like JunHyung, They are one of the BEST couple out there!
  6. I love your post in the orginal KARA thread. Thanks.

  7. YEAH!! I had crushes on few KPOP stars! to name a few. TaeYeon from SNSD, SooYoung from SNSD, NICOLE! and more.... But now, i am loving NICOLE! Everytime is see her i would want to get to know her better, randomly search about her, learn korean because she post korean in her twitter, kinda obsessed actually... My longest crush period is.... 1 year something? SOOYOUNG unnie!! I like her even now i am liking her too!
  8. HERE IT GOES! ============== VOICE : I would go for NICOLE ! I like her sweet voice. Really delightful to listen to her voice! Plus her american accent when she rap in English! LOOK: Gyuri for sure! Who is a GODDESS? GYURI! okok~~ I'm getting a little outta control... KEKE~ DANCE: NICOLE too! She is the Shikshin in KARA but also the "DANCING MACHINE" <= for me... IN KARA!! Her american style dancing skill plus her love for DANCE. And OMG.. Who can forget the BUTT dance that she leads? VARIETY SKILL: SeungYeon ! Her Hamster Look, Her eye smile and her wit! Hands down to HAMMIE !! HARA is the face of the group but by now i didn't see special charm that she has.. Time will tell us more! JIYOUNG maknae... SHE IS a real DORK! Plus she is a O Blood Type Capricorn, CUTE, CHILDISH is her charm!
  9. Go to JAIL for KARA?! NO NO NO! It's a stupid thing to do, no matter how much you like KARA. YOU ARE A FOOL! So~~ JUST LOVE THEM LIKE YOU LOVE THEM RIGHT NOW!
  10. We don't know the BOND of KARA is fake or not, but logically don't you think FAKING the bond for sooo long is sooo tiring? PLUS! Gyuri unnie is consious of her BEAUTY~ Tiring will make her BEAUTY Dull right? Why would she do that?