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  1. Album

    since KARA just made their comeback, the viewers can't rate their performance yet...so it's 0. Next week, we will have viewer rating
  2. Single

    First day 80K, 1st week, 200K
  3. well, it just means that the company thinks that the 3 members fit the brand image the most...it happens in other idol groups too, like for example only sulli, krystal and victoria endorsed a jeans brand in fx.
  4. Sing a ballad - showcase their vocals more. And I also want to see them "really" dance ---> a great dance break, their dance breaks are usually so simple compared to other groups.
  5. Spazz

    Nothing to be surprised about that if it's Japan haha, KARA is the top girl group (KPOP) there. They just really fit 100%.
  6. I believe they are real This is a good sign! Finally official channel!
  7. I absolutely hate their parents! this is their fault! I am losing all respect that I have for them! I am Asian btw. The parents just want more money! I love the girls but I just can't support the trio right now...I just can't. they let their parents do everything - it's killing me. There's a certain limit on allowing your parents to interfere. But this is not funny. The parents also love to talk during interviews, what are they happy that they are famous now?
  8. This is so sad, right now it seems like the 3 KARA girls and their parents were offered by "J" a better contract. They decided to sue DSP so they can shorten their contracts and move to another company. It's all about money.
  9. Oh gosh! If DSP decides to push through with legal actions, do you think the 3 girls would win??? Not really. 1. KARA's issue with DSP are said to be MANAGEMENT problems, they/their parents think that they are not being treated well. However, Hara & Gyuri are saying otherwise (ex. sauna issue). You cant really do legal action by just saying "we've lost our trust" with the management...issues like that are settled personally, not on court. 2. DSP is also able to prove that KARA is earning a lot more compared to other rookies in Japan. 3. DSP has KEPA behind them. 4. KARA is always on the losing side - their image is seriously not looking good by now 5. If the 3 members lose, they would have to pay DSP the amount of damages - which I think would cost millions. *crying*
  10. copy paste from my reply in soompi: I still can't get over the demands of the 3 KARA members/parents, the demands don't make them look good, makes them look really arrogant (maybe it's the parents/lawyers demands anyway, but still KARA is getting all the bad image) XD ^This can happen. This is realistic. But shortening their contracts and demanding the CEO to resign is a bit too much for me T_T I love the girls to the core, but why would DSP still hang on to them if they would only stay for like an additional 1 year and a half only? Not practical on a business point of view. KARA's only gun against DSP is that they are currently THE moneymaker, but worst comes to worst, DSP can still drop them and just focus on their other girl group. I'm scared that when the girls come back, the management would not treat them well anymore - trust and hearts are broken...I just hope that with these high demands, they will be able to find a MIDDLE GROUND and agree on something. I want this to end, when will I see "KARA back with DSP Media, signed new contracts"
  11. This has affected me a lot. KARA is my #1 group ever! I love the girls! I respect all their hardwork! I've always been frustrated with DSP's lack of promotions. But when this issue came out, I was so worried for the girls! Even as a fan, I know that they can't shine without all 5 members. I also know that they won't just throw the name "KARA" away like that. They've worked so long and hard in building the KARA name. So I want this issue to be ok.
  12. I'm sorry but the way this is written is a bit hurtful...the girls are not THAT popular - FINE. But don't rub it, I always see that your posts are like this. Pls stop belittling them. If the girls are gonna leave, they have fans behind them no matter what. Everyone is gonna turn their backs on them??? NOT TRUE! I want the girls to stay together. I don't like how their parents are getting too involved that it seems like they are deciding for the girls.
  13. I am in SHOCK right now! I don't know why I woke up and got bombarded with this news! I can't believe it OMG! I am crying right now!
  14. DVD

    maybe it's because your comments are a little critical somehow, dunno how to explain it - just that I also feel that a lot of your comments can be considered negative XD maybe lower your standards a bit - even if we want the "best" for KARA. Just keep in mind that a lot of the members here are new and it would be great to at least see mods being supportive of KARA's activities (or maybe not express negative comments so much). Besides, I don't think anyone expected the drama to be a "deep" one - it's a drama airing at 12am, so this is just what we get. Plus, the girls are idols.
  15. 2 Different Versions of KARA's "Jumping" In Rekochoku's Ranking Rekochoku released its January 13th Video Clip Daily Ranking and 2 different versions of KARA