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  1. i always get a little bubbly[??] whenever i see hongki and nicole together. when nicole was on the endorphin list, hongki was commenting about how hard the star golden bell segment was. he was falling for her. oh and on idol show, he was wearing nicole's hat, and was laughing the hardest when minhwan dropped nicole. next, i think jinwoon from 2am is great for her. who can resist those eyesmiles~* it was so cute when he said he'll buy steak for her after the show.
  2. can somebody update the link? it says the file is not available. :[
  3. -I live in Cali' just like Nicole. -I'm christen just like Nicole. -I have long hair just like Gyul&Hara&pretty much everyone. -I loved Fin.K.L just like Hara. -I love Daesung just like Jiyoung. (But I'll let her have him.^^) -My blood type is B just like SungHee! -I'm on team Edward just like Nicole! -I take care of the dark circles under my eyes just like Gyul~ -I like sleeping just like Jiyoung~
  4. If it was the older KARA, it would definilty be Sunghee 'cause her voice was really strong. But now I think it would be Gyuri, because she has so much pontential in her voice, her voice is recognize easily because it's distinct. For example, the first time I heard KARA's Pretty Girl, I could tell that this part or this part was sung by Gyul because her voice isn't a voice that you can forget easily. Plus, I would love to hear her sing a solo song. Plus, she's the leader so she has the power to break into the music industry. -I want Hara to star in a drama or something like that because when I first saw her, I thought she was a talent that converted into a singer. :]
  5. when they first debuted, it was always Gyuri. I would always say SungHee is so pretty or SeungYeon is cute, but deep in my heart, Gyuri was always there seeking my attention. I think its because her face attracts you, 'cause it's really distinct and you can recognize her easily. Her face is extremely prettyy too. :]
  6. aww, their freindship is awesome. I love how in those caps, Yoobin and Gyuri are pratically reaching for each other. Gyubin ftw~ we seriously need to make a WonderKara or KaraGirls pairing thread, there so popular these days.<3
  7. They're both very pretty.:] But now Gyul grew her hair, so it's like they traded places. But I think the hat fitted Gyuri better cause it matched with her face shape. But Jessica's smile is beautiful.
  8. her ahh was so cute. And really unique. I mean, if I were to get confetti stuck on my shoes, I would be like AHHHHHH! Don't worry Hara, mistakes are part of aeygo. :]
  9. her smile is gorgeous. Do I see an eye smile on our Hara?? lawl, her smile is awesome. <3 her smile is like:
  10. ^The pretty girl thing is a kewl idea. :]] i agree, i want their own weekly series show, preferably on Mnet. I know about their selfcamera, but I want it to be longer, and have their own seasons, like season 1, season 2, e.t.c. And i want it to be all about KARA, cuz on Zoo Zoo Club, it was more about the animals. I want it to be more like SNSD's Girls Go to School or MTV Wonder Girls.
  11. I miss her black hair. T_T;; but her new hair makes her more hamm-y, don't cha think? And at least her eye smile's still there.:]] Dark brown; kinda orangey~ Is it because I'm blind, but when I first saw her new hair color, I instantly thought of Yeeun. Anywayy, it suits her and the whole Pretty Girl concept.
  12. ^LOL, she spaces out and then smiles..? so cute~ She reminds me of Jessica from SNSD.. prolly why i love them so much.. she's so smexy w/ her cold look.. LOVELOVELOVEHERFACEISJUSTJJANG..she looks good from a side view.
  13. I WANT THOSE PJS!!hammie seung yeon.. ssgb..!! she wore those..?!! I wanna see that episode.. lol that gif, so dorky.. her smexy eye smile,,hahahahaa good job nicole. You have the heart of a true fangirl.
  14. she looks so cute even in an army suit. gahh, her smile is so genuine in those pictures! Love ya, unnie!:]<33
  15. LOL, looks can be deceiving. hmm, one point for Hara!<3 that would be an aeygo trait.. if i had that strengh, would i be pretty like her?=}