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  1. Oh my god! You are a die hard Kamilia from Singapore and I didnt know you!! LOL! Thanks for the fan account! Nice to see some support from Singapore for Nicole for her debut concert!!!
  2. Kinda surprise nobody is talking about this..
  3. You did the right thing by loving her.. I never expect her to talk to me after knowing that I flew from Singapore to see her..
  4. Those signed items are lucky draws prizes. They arent for sale. I attended the fan meeting and managed to talk to Jiyoung during the group photo taking session.
  5. I think this is rare too.. K5J Perfume Boxset... Still sealed..
  6. Nicole's hairpin is epic.. Wish u got her cap too..
  7. I can vote many times using the link above..
  8. Hmm the rarest one I have should be this one.. Which I won it at 知英组 Jiyounggumi's first members gathering at SEAFOREST, Shin-Otoku, Japan! This picture was hand-signed by JIYOUNG herself! Another one will be her signed photobook which she signed for us at her first Handshake event at Books 1st, Shinjuku.
  9. Impossible! You can never beat the mightly Ahjumma CANN! Jing is ALL MINE!
  10. Nothing to do with luck, I paid 10,000yen for the ticket on Yahoo Auctions.. I am not a lucky person.. LOL
  11. U need to purchase the handshake tickets at books1st Shinjuku store on 24/10. Apparently, the tickets were sold out in less than a day. Only 1000 tickets were available for sale. Ticket = 1 handshake + 1 photobook. Do to overwhelming responses and also by Jing's request, an additional 300 tickets will be available via lottery system. [As mentioned by k0uki] My ticket is finally here!! JIYOUNG! I FINALLY GET TO TOUCH YOU(R HAND)!!!
  12. have all the event tickets.. @kouki is attending the Osaka and Yokohama sessions, you guys should meet up
  13. Hi Viperionさん, which sessions will you be attending?
  14. Live viewing for the last session!
  15. I dun think u can find any KARA goods in Singapore.. I usually buy my items online or personally in Japan whenever I go there for any Kara related activities..
  16. I arrived at the venue at 730am, am I the earliest here? LOL.. Went early becoz I need to Q for the goods.. but standing for 5 hrs, which 4 hrs were under the hot burning sun can kill.. and I bought those stuff... First session I was sitted at the second floor.. I had a good view of the entire stage and the crowd around me.. Second session was the best.. I was at the floor area..
  17. U manage to find your tickets? If not, try here:
  18. ★★KARA FAN MEETING 2014 ~Join Us! KAMILIA ADVENTURE~開催★★ Help needed! Any JKamilia FC member who is able to purchase extra tickets to the fanmeeting, please PM me. Thank you. Regards, Cann KARA FAN MEETING TOPIC Click HERE KARA FAN MEETING KOREA click HERE 2014 05 24 KARA FAN MEETING JAPAN click HERE 2014 06 01
  19. My first time posting here... Decided to post some of my fav KARA merchandises.. Here's a picture of my autographed cds collection.. Step & Revolution - From CJ Entertainment Seung Yeon's signed Solo Collection - I bought it from ebay at US $65 Pandora - I bought it from YAJ at $100+ (all in) And a very special Tee.. And Jing worn it for her Karasia Dome rehearsal..
  20. You and I share the same thoughts..I was laughing too when I saw them at Yokohama Arena.. but the group with NO LIFE NO KARA banners are really nice people and are always full of smiles on the faces.. I find them the most friendliest.. CUTE!
  21. Sounds too good to be true.. For those who can't make it, hope DSP will release a DVD or something of this concert..