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  1. Indeed a very difficult Question no dear lovers? Some people just like her cause she's cute, or she's pretty, or she's an awesome host. But hearing other people's opinions are different no? XD Well, it took me a year to appreciate Seungyeon fully. Normally I don't like Cute artists, I was attracted to Pretty ones first *coughGyuricough* and right now I'm seeing a prettier side of her I'm starting to like Seungyeon. Looks aside, I love Seungyeon cause she's unique. You may ask me why, but your opinion comes first =D
  2. I have a lot of these, but right now I'll post up the most recent ones I live up to my No. 1 Park Gyuri Fan Girl NOTE: I know that it's bad to point out the mistakes of other people but, I am NOT CRITICIZING, I just simply think it's cute, aren't you with me? Honey Music Bank 02.13.09 1:01 - 1:02 (almost forgot to raise her hands up, thus glitching the move a little ) Original Image 1:57 - 1:58 (go the honey, honey, honey dance step wrong XDD) Original Image 2:46 - 2:48 (forgot to put the mic on her mouth <3) Original Image Well, I'm the Gyuri Jr. Ricky Oppa just proposed to me, need to think now. mwahahahah!! If I agree we'll be Karaholic's first couple. >DDDD Anyway, I'll post up more later, convince me not to be lazy <3333 Credits: Anne unni's Idea Haejin the Hawk (thanks to Ting unni ) Paint Mubank and of course Park Gyuri
  3. I've had this for a while, and they're a collection of Gyuri gags. If you have a few that I don't have here, just post it and then I'll add it on the first post. ^^ Credits - Minjoo@karaholic.com
  4. Kim Sunghee, the vitamin she gives off, the energy she energizes with. Sunghee, Sungja, Sungbok, and Park Gyuri's lover all in one. We did not know Sunghee's hidden side, but aside from being the boisterous and playful type. She really has things she wants to let it. One of her hardships would be that, when she has problems she doesn't who to share it to, cause her unnis and Nicole are all only children. While she has 2 siblings, so she can't relate to them. But she doesn't mind, the important thing is that they get along and make everyone each other to everyone. The sweet and Vitamin-ous Sunghee is here! The very kind and supporting Unni to Nicole, the nickname giver to Hamham Seungyeon, and a Lover best friend to Gyuri. What can we say about Sunghee's very contagious Vitamin?
  5. NOTE: These Il-cheon's are not sorted by date/or whichever, that is too much work, I will arrange it once my PC is back up on and living. =D The only thing I can tell you is "That these exchanges with the girls happened during their 'Break' so yeah, just imagine the dates LOL" and the comments for the translations are from Minjoo so yeah =D So for the meantime please bear with me! Thank you! - Haejin [Nicole's comment to Sunghee] syaryang haeyo (: (Forever Yong Joo Dragon Ball Z Jung Nicole) [Translator's Notes: she is saying I LOVE YOU in the strangest way...] Open and take good care of the next skin, I change it so it
  6. Well yes, I'm kidding. And is that topic title misleading? Did it work? LOL Well this topic is to discuss Gyuri and Sunghee Not SungRi, I said Gyuri and Sunghee Hanji unni and I have been talking to the Telephone these past 2 days that I wasn't on XDDD So yeah. =D And we've been discussing, Gyuri and Sunghee. Don't you think that they're so close to each other? *hints* - They're always together - They lend each other things. (well all of the girls does ^^) - Gyuri avoids the topic 'Sunghee'. Did you know why Hanji unni and I have this hope that Sunghee's going back? Because Gyuri says so. Well of course she indirectly told it, this might just be a product of Hanji unni and My's very deep thinking or over-analyzing, but it's not bad to think of ways as it is right? -- During Keywui Interviews Seungyeon and Nicole are asked about Sunghee, and they answered. But Why didn't Gyuri? Seungyeon was asked how their break was, she told the story like this: "Because of unfortunate things, Sunghee, had to leave the group, and with that we had two new members added" Gyuri was asked the same question and she answered: "We had 2 new members, which are Hara and Jiyoung, it's like our group got upgraded" You see the terminology and the difference right? (they are not the same exact words, but I guess that's what they mean no?) My Comments for their statements Seungyeon: She started with the Cause, and then proceeded with the effect Gyuri: She started with the Effect, and only the effects. Gyuri's story lacks a part, and that's the "Sunghee" Part which she avoids. She uses the term "Upgrade" not "Stand-ins" or "Replaced". We've been thinking, that "I think Gyuri was asked, whether to maintain the group or not," and the decisions came from her. Hanji Unni and I think that it was hard for her to let go of Sunghee. Thus she thinks too, that she'll be back. Look, how long has it been since Gyuri "mentioned" Sunghee? The last time I remember would be "Park Joon Hyung's FM Inki Gayo, February 29, 2008" Where she had to announce her leave. After that, nothing more. Indeed she might have mentioned her in Magazine interviews, but do you think she willingly mentioned her? I think it was used to complete the story and not to let the people be hanging on what really happened. --- Regarding Keywui Interview of Gyuri - Gyuri isn't a good liar. And I just think she said she wants a relationship, to fill up time? -- Gyur Isn't a good Liar. == It's about her hair. Obvious right? -- About having a relationship == Don't you think she sounded nervous, when she's saying it? Oh well, It might just be me, and it might just be Hanji unni, it might just be us. But it's not bad thinking that way right? At least, it's like Gyuri's saying "Everyone, don't disregard Sunghee, don't throw her away, cause she'll be back. >V<!!" What do you think?
  7. HEADLINE!! SUNGRI FANS!! REVOLTS!! During the everyone hates Gyuri's hairstyle controversy, and most of KARA's fans calls her ugly. The so-called 'Husband/Lover' of Park Gyuri has finally resurfaced and comments in her wife's cyworld saying "♡" How remarkable is that? Isn't it the best encouragement to those who's weeping for the people who hated Gyuri's hair? And now the husband is making her come back! Aren't we all happy? =D --------------- To those who didn't get the joke Here's the news. XD - ♡ (Al-hee Kim Sunghee) ---------------- I was depressed. And this, totally made my day. =D Sorry, haejin the gagwoman second's making her comeback. XD Credits: Park Gyuri's Cyworld Photobucket Photoshop + Haejin@Karaholic.com
  8. Michelle-san! >=D I visit once in a blue moon too xD!

  9. NOTE: These Il-cheon's are not sorted by date/or whichever, that is too much work, I will arrange it once my PC is back up on and living. =D The only thing I can tell you is "That these exchanges with the girls happened during their 'Break' so yeah, just imagine the dates LOL" and the comments for the translations are from Minjoo so yeah =D So for the meantime please bear with me! Thank you! - Haejin Kim Heung Gook ssi jjang! (Al hee Kim Sung Hee) 흐흐흐흐//,,우린 이렇게 (알희 김성희) - Hahahaha//,, we do (Al-hee Kim Sunghee) 처음 부스터 ~ 그래왔어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (마콜 정니콜) - From the start I did ~ kekekekeke (MyCole Jung Nicole) 언니 홈피 들어 오기 전엔 항상 긴장되!! 이 노래들 ㅠ_ㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (알희 김성희) I always feel nervous before going to unni's hompi!!! These songsㅠ_ㅠke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke (Al-hee Kim Sunghee) 안녕 규라? (햄♥ 한승연) Hello Gyura? (Ham ♥ Han Seungyeon) [Note: Gyura, is what Seungyeon calls Gyuri. (:] 노래짱 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ뱀이다 ~~ (마콜 정니콜) Singing-jjang ke ke ke ke ke ke smooth~~ (MyCole Jung Nicole) - Ah so cold~my gosh earlier my friends peeled off and ate an orange. (Al-hee Kim Kim Sung-hee) - It's not an orange, it's a little carrot... it's really cold so be careful of catching a cold! (Seven Wise Men Park Gyu-ri) - Worst of all it is a little carrot, totally against it?*** (Al-hee Kim Sung-hee) - *nicole's is kinda self explanatory!* - jjang because you like it, here's a kiss *kiss sound (i think!?!?!)* (Al-hee Kim Sung-hee) - I miss you the most. (Al-hee Kim Sung-hee) **Jjang -- I don't know how to translate it exactly. Cause jjang means having the most... or the top qualities. Yet it can also mean like a sound effect or something. -o- But it's more commonly used like... you know... 'best'. lol. Some Gyuri Gags: Kim Da Bin: Unni's Seung-yeon cheated on her with Sung-hee unni and Youn-ha unni. What does unni think about this?! So does that mean that Sung-hee unni is Gyu-ri unni's now? Park Gyu-ri: Everyone is mine Everyone. Gyuri: I suddenly want to play Tetris. xD xD Gyuri <3 LOL Another proof of how Shik Shin Gyu-ri is. lol There's this person who always comments on her guestbook under the nickname Raseuta Raseuta: Raseuta Gyuri: Everytime I see this I really want to eat pasta (pa seu ta in korean). - Dragonball *points arrow at Sung-hee [who commented below her]* came. Leader with Maknae. One more time? ke ke (My Cole Jung Nicole) - I love you unni I love you ke ke ke ke (My Cole Jung Nicole) [i hope Nicole MEANT spelling it wrongly... if not... Gyu-ri's gonna tease her again. :crazy: ] Gyuri
  10. Actually, last last year, Sunghee sung a bit of this song in a video from their Break It MV Making. And when I heard Gyuri's version, I just got reminded of it. THIS IS NOT A COMPARISON THREAD REMEMBER THAT, ALL COMMENTS SAYING 'SUNGHEE IS BETTER, BUT GYURI IS GOOD TOO, AND SUCH ARE TO BE EDITED' Here they are, doesn't it make you go 'awww...' Gyuri can actually, pick another song, but why something that Sunghee has sung too no? Comments? EDIT: Kim Sunghee - In The Dreams Park Gyuri - In The Dreams Links are down for today, did they work yesterday Anne unni? holy crap >.> just click "lo-fi" in order to listen and wait for it to buffer. ^^
  11. Honey Piano Version - Yoonha Hwang MF Pretty Girl Piano Version - Yoonha Hwang MF I did my best. I didn't rip it. I recorded it. So I hope the quality isn't bad =) I hope this guy does old Kara songs too (:
  12. So well... I was watching 'K-League' Performance with my friend 'kathy' (she's a member here too, a stalker most likely), and I, noticed something cool. ^^ I hope you guys have fun noticing it too. So you would re-watch the performance. At the first time, Gyuri made a mistake, so I didn't catch it, LOL. The second time, she didn't and I saw Seungyeon doing it too. so It's cool Please watch out for BLUE CIRCLES alright? 1.) Very pretty girls <333 2.) And then, WHAT?! XD 3.) And then, make-up. <3 I asked Anne unni if she noticed something cool. I guess this wasn't cool enough. LOL XDDD [Original Images] 1 2 3 Credits: Anne unni for the K-League DL Kara MBC Photobucket and my eyes. *bow*
  13. I see. College is a bit hard for me. But I have somehow managed to survive. xD! Let's survive college Michelle-unni! XD

  14. Of Course I would! =DDD I'm doing good, going to be in vacation soon, I hope I can become active again, how 'bout you? How are you? =D

  15. Me too, Michelle unni. Me too. ;_;

  16. Why? What happened? =/

  17. There's a button at the lower left with beside the RSS Feed Icon. You can change it there. =D

  18. nyahahah. XD Man I'm so bored with school. T-T cause I know I'm gonna be busy soon T-T

  19. just... WHERE DID YOU hEAR THAT?? I haven't heard of such fact. XD

  20. let's! Let's stop time~~~ jijijijiji~~

  21. Why do you want to stop time~~~~? XD

  22. I think she's still studying. I'm not so sure, I'm not so active lately. School. T-T

  23. I guess. XDDD I miss Sunghee. T-T

  24. many things have changed? like what? =/