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  1. It's a bit delayed but don't want to miss the opportunity to greet our dear Nicole for her 22nd birthday. Be happy and successful in all the decisions you make until the end, your fans and friends who really appreciate you are here to support you. The best of luck!!
  2. Smile forever Nicole. Even if you leave Kara. Never stop smiling
  3. yeah, it was just a sweet potato...dunno what was funny about it, maybe the korean pronunciation...if she ever comes to SouthAmerica, she would have lots of sweet potato (maybe she wouldn't stop laughing delighted)
  4. wow that's a nice dish of Cream Udon!!I've been looking for some info about that Tsurutontan restaurant, it's located in Roppongi, and it's very famous for tourists, a big bowl of udon may cost from $10 to $15, it is a good price a wrll served japanese dish....btw I've never heard about Cream udon before, I just tried Katsu udon and Sakana udon
  5. Nicole should sponsor Snickers or M&Mthat would be sweet.....ESPECIALLY FOR HER!!!
  6. ohhh~~ but what about their comeback in korea? will they promote just their new japanese album instead for a new korean album?
  7. Nicole's smile won't be the same without choCOLEte lol
  8. Cute-sexy! but she looks pretty also with no makeup, I'd like to meet her with natural look ^^
  9. "Anngggghhhhh!!~" when Nicole refers to MoccaChino
  10. I will send a drawing to seungyeon Happy 26th birthday!!
  11. I love her aegyo skills, especially in IY, when she was in the farm and speaks in English "ohhhh..you choice me, I die!"
  12. Cola sounds nice however, I wonder if her favorite drink is Coca Cola. THAT WOULD MATCH AT ALL!! ^^