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  1. I'm betting the special limited edition won't even last two minutes. No chance for us internationally. I can't resist buying both versions though. Hara gets all my support.
  2. [LIVE ON AIR] MelOn Premiere Showcase: KARA(카라) Starts in 2 hours and 20 minutes! Join us!
  3. That guy is so scary though. I love that they are returning to an energetic, happy theme. They feel so revitalized and youthful again. That's what true Kara is to me. Love and happiness no matter what season, age, or situation.
  4. Really cute style on her! I love it.
  5. Happy 8th Anniversary Kara! To my favorite since the day I found you, and forever my favorite for as long as you continue! Thank you for being with me during some tough times, as I am here for you during your tough times. We'll always make it through somehow and enjoy happiness in life through music. I'll always love you Kara! ~ Thank you for everything! p.s. Thank you to the entire Karaholic team too for bringing me the Kara news I love to hear, and for hosting this giveaway!
  6. I know the feeling. She's amazing, and I hope this show leads to more opportunities for us to see Hara in a live variety show like On & Off, Roommate, and Invincible Youth again soon.
  7. With the popularity of the JackJi pair, I imagine the producers will do anything to keep them both on just like Jo Se-Ho and Nana before them. I already wish they would show a lot more of them.
  8. I loved her perfect sliding bow at the beginning. I would've taken a nosedive at the guest's feet if I tried to do that.
  9. My favorite moment, and the moment she became my favorite ~
  10. The original video was taken down from youtube. I don't know why this video is coming up instead.
  11. I think Hara introduced her at a dinner in one of the episodes as "like a mother" to her so she calls her omma, but I'm not 100% sure it's the same person.
  12. I love Hara. I think she is great at keeping positive connections with everyone and being so supportive. So admirable.
  13. The website now says voting ended (투표가 종료되었습니다.) and Kara is 1st.
  14. I just realized that the vote right above it includes VIXX - Error; the music video starring Youngji. I've only been voting for Kara until now. We could vote for the music video starring Youngji too!
  15. Yeah, I had that feeling with them. They are just like siblings, but very funny to watch. I hope they team up a lot more after Roommate despite all their bickering.