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  1. wow.. i love the new layout its so pretty!! i need to check out the new puzzle game, it sounds fun! thanks for all the hard work!!
  2. yay.. cant wait to hear the new song! i like all 3 versions, i want them all!
  3. Oh no.. poor seungyeon she's hurt again!! she should take care of herself.. hope the other girls are looking after her!
  4. wah!!! 29k copies sold.. thats great news!! and no. 5 on the charts, the girls must be really happy so glad they are doing well in japan.. so proud!
  5. wow.. kara taking the top 3 stops.. thats really good!! the girls must be really happy.. thanks for the news!
  6. No way!! i love the original G7 members.. they're so fun to watch!! i really hope hara doesnt leave, its not going to be the same without her.
  7. yay the 88 line, almost forgot yoobin was part of the group.. havnt seen alot of gyuri and yoobin interactions! i like the picture, its very cute and they both look pretty!!
  8. hey Amy! Thanks for the birthday comment!

  9. iMt

    hey circe.. thanks for the comment!!

  10. Happy Birthday Monica (:

  11. circe

    happy happy birthday iMT ;DD

  12. thats so cute.. i love it how they still find time to catch up and study together! hope nicole does well in the exam.!!
  13. yay.. its about time, ive been waiting for gyuri to be a dj!! she's going to do well.. thanks for the news!
  14. Thats a really sweet message, im sure everyone will miss lupin I still cant believe its the last performance.. thanks for translating!