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  1. No prob, i always add fellow PhKamilia since i saw you live at Rizal :P

  2. Thanks for the add!! :D

  3. Yea, i forgot to tell you that you need to audition rather than a conventional written test when you take fine arts, so hope i helped you a little bit :P

  4. yung account name ko sa twitter and mahahanap mo ako, hehe :P

  5. That fits your interest right? One of the more reasons why i love halo, their epic trailers :P I like Machinima Respawn, Especially Hutch and Seananners' show. Nanners make really fun and funny commentaries and vids.

  6. I copied this from Ateneo's course description:

    "Fine Arts Program

    The Fine Arts Program continues the University's distinguished tradition in creative writing, theater arts, and the visual arts. It upholds artistic excellence, shaped by a rigorous practice of the craft, a critical appreciation of theory and history, and a heightened sense of imagination and expression."

  7. But if you want to take the path of nursing as your pre-med course, it's fine, but you can go straight to dentistry if you want.

  8. gah i'm so bored right now that i watch Seanners and Machinima Respawn Vids on youtube and an EPIC Defiant map pack trailer.

  9. Nah, i only realised it when i was gonna comment, lol. English and Music. . . . . how bout fine arts??

  10. Nakita ko yun syempre nique, haha. Parang ang late ng bakasyon niyo ah, and isang c lang yung name ko, hehe :P

  11. Most medical/dental missions are conducted on depressed areas specifically to the poor even in cities. Oh yea i forgot about financial issues, but please don't aim for nursing, there's too many nurses already so aim to become a doctor :P Makati is a city inside the National Capital Region, the center of the country's economy. Why do you ask? Oh good to hear! have fun on your vac...

  12. Finally, i can hear all the members talk in english! thanks for sharing!
  13. Any, what subjects do like and you excel at?? So we can narrow it down :)

  14. At first, i was really going to PMA, but i changed my mind and thought in the long term when i'm gonna make a family and be really far away from home and other reasons. So you better think deep when you reach your freshman year.

  15. And not that i know of, my grandparents still have their teeth on :P and sorry for the quad comment, gotta luv character limits :P any, when is your vacation?

  16. No, most medical/dental missions are conducted on poor, rural areas like small villages or the ones that are hard to reach

  17. Crispin is a boys name and doesn't suit girls IMO :P

  18. Yea, being a doctor in general is a good career, you only need perseverance and ALOT of patience if you really want it.Third? I envy you that you're in the middle.Yes, crispin is a character in Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere, he died in the book and the reason why Sisa became crazy, or you were named from a saint,Crispin of Viterbo. But i'm curious why they call you that. Crispin is a...


  20. That's a pretty unique and fun career! So is that final? or are you having second thoughts? Because you really need to think of it real early before you go to high school. Personal experience for me. . . .

  21. Finally we can hear nicole's english again. But i feel like she's not fluent anymore, since she rarely speaks english
  22. Wow! your parents are big time graduating from those two universities :o and thanks! Btw, what career would you take?

  23. It's funny how people think that my wallet is an air mail envelope because it really looks like one :P

  24. I'm going to De La Salle University, my classmates were amazed that i took 7 different college exams because usually they only take exams in the big four, La Salle, University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines and Ateneo De Manila, but i took 3 more colleges just to be sure :P

  25. psychology is a pre-med course, so i think it's a good idea, or go straight to dentistry. But either way, these are great choices.About the check up thing, that ain't true, the government and non-government organizations do medical-dental missions nationwide so obviously this ain't true. And what a coincidence, are you the youngest?